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Buffalo State Observations

Over the last couple of years, the face of the Buffalo State campus has been progressively changing. The change just so happens to have taken place around the same time that the Buffalo State dropped the word “college” from its title.

From sports facilities to academic buildings, it’s exciting to see the campus being upgraded from drab 7os brick in appearance, to something that looks more like a modern day campus. A recent bike ride through the campus gave me a firsthand look at many of the changes that BRO has been documenting lately.

From Caudell Hall renovations that are currently underway, to the new Science and Mathematics Complex, and Technology Building, the atmosphere on campus is looking brighter (for the most part). Even the older tower dorms are getting new window treatments (see images below).

While I’m a fan of seeing some of the new buildings being erected, there are still some minor issues (for me) that came to light during my self-guided tour.

  • The dormitory building on Grant Street is Lego-ish.
  • The black and orange school colors are a poor color combo – the colors looks like Halloween, not a bengal tiger.
  • I can never make out the projected images on the front of the Burchfield-Penney Art Center.
  • I am very hopeful that someday the campus will be interconnected with the Albright-Knox and the Olmsted-Richardson Center, creating a uniform campus.
  • I also hope that someday there is more interaction with Grant and Amherst streets.
  • The administration should be proactively thinking about how to integrate with the Scajaquada (expressway and creek) plans.
  • Get that Dart Street City car impound lot gone already (see Public Facility Rehab and Activation PDF).

Seeing that so much is happening on campus, and around it, the future of Buffalo State looks very good indeed. The grounds look a lot different than they did just five years ago, and there are a number of additional advancements on the horizon.

Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-12 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-1 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-11 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-9 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-10 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-8 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-7 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-5 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-3 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-2 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-13 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-6 Buff-State-Buffalo-NY-2015-4

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