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Silo Sessions #34 – AJ Woods

The 34th installment of Silo Sessions showcases the haunting vocals of AJ Woods, singer-song writer-guitarist from Albuquerque, NM.

Listening to AJ’s voice echoing through the silos, it’s hard not to imagine these giant monoliths being anything but spiritually charged recording studios.

As for this particular artist, when AJ Woods was younger he worked at a pawn shop. It was there that he learned honed his craft, as he interacted with a variety of characters who would pass through the shop. Through the interactions he was able to pick up on myriad guitar sounds, from folk music to acid rock. It was a diverse assemblage of talents that walked through the doors, which ultimately gave Woods the breadth of musical abilities that he is able to tap into today.

I’ve heard bands play in the silos, and the echoing nature of the reverberations is always peculiar and ethereal at the same time. But these Silo Sessions take the works to an entirely different level. By melding professional recordings, handpicked talents (that best fit the surroundings), and a simple industrial backdrop, the results of Silo Sessions is nothing short of breathtaking.

Silo Session 34 : AJ Woods from silosessions on Vimeo.

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Silo Sessions is recorded at Silo City, a complex of former grain silos on the Buffalo River being re-appropriated as experimental art and cultural spaces.  The Silo Sessions are recorded in the Perot Grain Elevator and Marine A silos where musicians take advantage of the unique echoes and reverberations of the multi-story concrete chambers that both challenge and transform their work. 

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