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Revolution Buffalo

When I was younger, a trip to the gym consisted mainly of free weight sessions, overseen by burly guys who wanted to “Pump you up!” Back then, the idea of getting bigger and stronger was appealing, because that was considered mainstream exercise.

Today, there are countless ways to get in shape, from yoga to hula hooping. At the same time, one form of exercise training appears to be winning people over, mainly due to the captivating essence of the workout. I’m referring to the stationary cycling fitness movement.

Revolution-Buffalo-NY-6This past December, three fitness enthusiasts – Rachel McCrone (photo left), Colleen Kirk (photo right) and Amanda Moses – opened a hybrid strength and conditioning center called Revolution Buffalo. All three owners had the desire to create a total body workout facility that incorporated the art of cycle training (cardio) with TRX core conditioning. The combination of spending half the time cycling, and half the time focusing on body weight suspension training, meant that clients would be able to balance cardio and strength, which the owners felt was the key to getting their clients (and themselves) in the fittest shape possible. “The combo classes are the most popular,” Colleen told me. “We felt that by offering both cycling and TRX, we could get our clients in better overall shape. We (the owners) all have full time jobs on top of running this studio. So we know what it means to take an hour out of the day to get in shape. Our earliest class starts at 5:45am, so that people can get to work feeling good. Other clients opt to stop in after work, before heading home and back to life routines. The time spent at Revolution is considered “me time” for the day… no kids, no boss… nothing but spending time training with others who all have similar fitness goals.”


Talking to Colleen and Rachel, it was easy to see how their passion for healthy living has led them down the Revolution road. I found it just as compelling that that same passion has led them to look outward, to see how they can affect the lives of their clients outside of the studio. “We’re bringing the community element to the forefront, stressing the importance on sharing those feel-good, do-good perks of a great workout with others in the class, our neighborhood and WNY in general,” stressed Colleen. “We have an upcoming RevCommunity Ride with Grassroots Gardens where we host a free ride and then all head over to a specified garden to raise beds for spring planting on April 25. We’re also partnering with Saddle Indoor Cycling, Barre Centric and Love in Motion Yoga to offer a few special combo classes throughout the upcoming spring/summer seasons.”


Colleen also told me that Revolution was in the midst of planning a trip to the ballpark, and I also noticed an upcoming bike ride where cyclists would make the trip from the Delaware studio to Saddle on Hertel and back (See the RevBlog for more info on events). As Colleen described the studio’s various community goals, I noticed that Rachel had taken her place at the front of the class, which was in full swing. As she talked her class through the motions, I suddenly felt as if I wanted to jump on one of the bikes myself – I could see how taking one of these classes would be energizing and empowering.


I didn’t stick around to watch the suspension training half of the class, but I did come away with a deep respect for the hybrid workout (knowing what TRX entails). After hearing the girls tell me about all of the benefits of the training, and how the classes help people feel better about themselves and their bodies, with a more refreshing outlook on life, I found it hard to say “no” when offered the chance to come participate in one of the routines. As I headed for the door, listening to Rachel pumping up the riders in the background, I had a good feeling about the future of health for Buffalonians who are willing to try something new and different. This revolution in hybrid exercise has already capturing the imagination of numerous fitness fans, and it’s easy to see why. I love the idea of taking the same movement to the streets of Buffalo, in ways that offer social lifestyle encouragement beyond the gym. Now that’s revolutionary.

Revolution Buffalo | 1109 Delaware Avenue | Buffalo, New York | (716) 908-0622 | Facebook

*Behind the Boyd Mansion in an old carriage house, with old barn doors and an industrial skylight


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