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Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Walk – Buffalo ‘Send Off’

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, Peace Walkers, organized by Nekanęhsakt: Friends of Ękwehęwę, will be convening at Niagara Square (8am), before setting out on a ‘day of walking’ that will take protesters on a 16 mile journey to Hamburg by way of South Park Avenue. See Facebook event.

The following article was written by Agnes F Williams (Seneca), Indigenous Women’s Initiatives. The piece expresses her thoughts and concerns pertaining to nuclear waste that is buried at the West Valley site:

The nuclear industry is a failed industry that needs to be discontinued. To this day, the industry has not figured out a way to properly contain nuclear contamination so that it does not affect the environment and people.
Indigenous Peoples are at the beginning and the end of the nuclear chain – it is not a cycle.  We are the first affected from uranium mining contamination at the beginning of the chain.  And we are first affected at the end of the chain with waste disposal (see history of West Valley).  Dilution with water is not the solution.  Contamination expands experientially every time the waste is handled.
2013 12 10 Tisha McNaughton photo 9
The West Valley Demonstration Project opened in 1964, and was one of the only nuclear waste depositories at that point – high grade weapons waste was left there. Building the plant contaminated trucks and tools… and materials were buried in the ground, which is a watershed with hundreds of natural water ground springs radiated with nuclear waste.
The waste was glassified and buried in the ground. Pools of waste water fill and overflow when it rains, which leach into the springs that flow into the Cattaraugus Creek, without any notice to the unsuspecting public. Cattaraugus Creek runs through my Indian Reservation.
The nuclear contaminated waters flow into Lake Erie’s Sturgeon Point and into the drinking water of Western New Yorkers.  Could this have anything to do with the high cancer rates we experience in Western NY since we all drink irradiated water on a daily basis?
2012 12 12 Water is Life
The Federal government has a policy of national sacrifice that identifies lands for extractive industries to mine for profit and lands that are least populated to store the wastes from extractive mining.  Indigenous Peoples occupy these lands and are considered human sacrifice areas to promote the development of the first and second worlds.
Third World Peoples remain under developed as low wage workers, and fourth world Indigenous Peoples remain undeveloped in this economic system.  At Cattaraugus we do not have a grocery store and only receive the lowest level of health care for a population with the highest need.
Inequality is structural instituted into the American Way of LIfe and this continues to be the motivation to dominate individual poor people of color, rural communities and poor countries throughout the world.
Every step is a prayer to heal the Mother Earth, the waters, the peoples that suffer from the contamination of nuclear war and energy.
Please join us to walk a pray for peace, the healing of Mother Earth and ourselves.  Most of all let us pray for sustainable industries that won’t kill off humans.
Full Clean Up at West Valley!
Make love not war.
Don’t dump on me.
 Give peace a chance.
All you need is love!
Come on out and join us for a nuclear free future for our future healthy generations.

2015 marks 70 years since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Join thousands of others as they head to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference at the United Nations in New York City. Protesters and supporters will pass through Native Americans lands, where people continue to suffer from all stages of the nuclear cycle. We will carry a prayer and a pledge that, in keeping with the wisdom of Indigenous people, we will create a sustainable society where we can live in harmony with Mother Earth. Our peace walkers from Japan will report on situation of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, from which we must conclude that there can be no “peaceful use of nuclear technology.” – ekanęhsakt: Friends of Ękwehęwę


Friday April 10 3-6pm WNY Peace Center invites you to a POTLUCK to greet and meet the Japanese NNPT Walkers at the Foundry , 298 Northampton St near Jefferson in Buffalo NY. Public Invited. For more information contact

Saturday April 11 8 AM RALLY at Buffalo NY City Hall at Niagara Square sending the NNPT off on their 16 mile walk to through downtown Buffalo to South Park Avenue all the way to Hamburg NY. Bring your prayers for peace, banners, flyers to hear Jules Orkin with the NPT walkers, Diane D’Arrigo with Nuclear Resource Center 301-270-6477 Public Invited. For more information contact Nate Buckley

Sunday April 12 8 AM NPT walkers begin their 12 mile walk from Hamburg to Boston NY where they will need transportation to the 37 North Buffalo Street in Springville NY 14141 PUBLIC EVENT at the Springville Cultural Arts Theater. Ayumi Temlock from NYC will talk about the Unite Nations Non nuclear Proliferation Treaty Review Conference with Native American High School Students from Salamanca NY who are going to the United Nations this month. For more information contact Seth Wochensky

Monday April 13 8 AM NPT Walk 12 miles from Boston to West Valley Demonstration Project where the NPT Walkers will chant and pray.

Tuesday April 14 SUNRISE 5:30AM Interfaith Prayer Ceremony outside the West Valley Demonstration Project. 6:00 AM NPT and Water is Life walkers walk to Springville on old Rt 219, then route 39 to Route 62 to Peter Cooper Waste Site in Gowanda NY . Walkers will be transported to the Cattaraugus Community Center on Rt 438 near Irving NY for a Community Social. Public invited. For more information contact Agnes Williams

Wednesday April 15 7:30 AM NPT walkers will be transported back to Gowanda New York and walk through the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation down Route 438 to Sunset Bay, Irving NY at the mouth of the Cattaraugus Creek for a closing Water Ceremony (public invited) For more information contact Maria Maybee The NPT Walkers will then be shuttled to Gahadago on Route 20 in East Irving, NY 14081 lodge, pipe and feast ceremonies.

Thursday April 16 at 11 AM NPT walkers will be transported to Depew NY to the AMTRAC train station to continue on to the Grafton Peace Pagoda, 85 Crandall Rd, Petersburg NY 14138 Phone: 518-658-9301 or to rest then walk to NYC for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Talks in the United Nations where they will fast and pray for peace.


Written by Buffalo Rising

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