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“The world thinks of Buffalo as a flavor.”

Submitted by BW:

We ask ourselves every year, “Who makes the best chicken wings in Buffalo, NY?” This is a good question. An obvious question. But is it the best question when it comes to how Buffalo feels about their wings? The answer I believe is, “No.”

We know more about chicken wings than anywhere else in the world. That said, we should also know that you can’t sum up all that makes chicken wings great into one category. What we should be asking is, “Who makes the best hot chicken wings?” “Who makes the best barbecue chicken wings?” “Who makes the best alternative flavored chicken wings?”

I have eaten at many places in the Buffalo area, and know that too many great places are getting overshadowed by places like Duff’s and Anchor Bar (for obvious reasons). Buffalo, my friends, deserves a fresh take on the chicken wing scene. Kelly’s Korner has some of the best flavored hot wings you’ll ever have. Mooney’s makes Chiavetta’s  wings. I say again, Chiavetta’s wings! Dywer’s Pub has Wasabi Plum. I’m 34 years old and I’m shocked how in 2015 that most people I talk to just don’t know about these places and their flavors.

Last year I tried to eat as many chicken wings from different places as I could. I love Buffalo. Buffalo has treated me very well. We take pride in our city, and the world thinks of Buffalo as a flavor. So shouldn’t we be the experts on this?

Do you have a favorite wing style or flavor that you would like to tell others about? We are all ears! What are the best wings, and where do we get them?

Lead image: The Buffalo Wing is in Good Company


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