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VerbQ: 14,000 Verbs – A Million Ways to Use Them

By this time we have all heard Luminosity’s commercials that attempt to interest us in beefing up our collective brain power. Working out the brain is important, but at the same time, it’s also important to fuel the language of writers. After all, it’s one thing to be able to “think” about something, and another to be able to write it down proficiently.

Think of all of the bloggers out there, writing away at this very moment. What are they writing, and how well are they writing it? That’s what the folks at VerbQ want to know. VerbQ is an online start-up that has been created by Nicole Janik in Buffalo and Betsy Blakeslee in San Francisco, as a writing tool for those who need a bit of a boost when it comes to enhancing their use of verbs. Armed with the power to pick and choose from seemingly limitless verb options gives writers the ability to boost their writing levels and their confidence.

By offering up 14,000 verbs in the program, writers are trained to be more creative and more thoughtful when it comes to choosing the appropriate words. The program is intended to keep students, bloggers and other wordsmiths in the prime of their writing life, by giving them a grammatical toolbox filled with example sentences, definitions, and conjugations for active verbs. VerbQ is designed to keep it fresh and fun.

VerbQ is still in the preliminary testing phase, and the plans are to launch the site this summer. In the meantime, a number of English teachers, writers, bloggers and ESL learners will be testing out the program, to ensure that everything is firing on all cylinders.

From verb games for youth and students, to more competitive verb usage though Best Story with a Beat, Best Love Tweet, Best Song, Best Six-Word Memoir, Most Shocking Verb of the Week, Most Amusing Onomatopoeia and Most Useful New List of Verbs, VerbQ aims to shake up the way that writers acquire, use and retain the building blocks for their works.

VerbQ will be offered for free to schools with low income students in order to fulfill a socially aware agenda. The roll out will also include visual aids for those who tend to learn better through sight-driven activities and lessons.

In order to get the project off the ground, VerbQ is currently embarking upon a Kickstarter funding campaign. The funds will allow the owners to launch the site on schedule, with all of the bells and whistles that they need to make an immediate impact on their target market.

For more information, visit If you want to learn about VerbQ firsthand, consider attending the Kickstarter launch party at The Century Grill on Friday, January 30, 2015 from 7-10:30pm. See all of the details below.



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