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Queen of Diamonds Clothing Company

Following is an interview with Rachel Nicole Glover, founder of Queen of Diamonds Clothing Company (QODCC), based in Buffalo, NY.

Where are you from?

Glen Cove, New York… but I currently live in good old Depew NY

What is your background?

Believe it or not, I have a background in sales and customer service! I never went to school for fashion or design or anything, only went to BOCES for culinary arts but never pursued anything related to it after high school.

What inspired you to start a lingerie company?

I actually started working with a friend, marketing her clothing company. One day deciding that I wanted to see if I could create something myself, so I ventured to Hobby Lobby, got a bunch of fabric and some crystals and trim and BOOM, QODCC was born! I have always loved lingerie though, when I was younger I used to “model” so to speak and loved being in lingerie and really feel like it brings out the playfulness in a woman so I decided that was the type of clothing line I wanted.


When did you launch the company?

Actually December of 2013 was when I started my little adventure. My first “piece” I created was a costume for Halloween but my first show and unveiling of a “mini line” was at the I Am Style Fashion Show.

Who is your customer?

I have such a variety of customers really, I get a LOT of models from all around the world. I have done pieces for models all the way from California, to Greece, to Canada…. Also this type of attire is HUGE in the electronic music scene for festivals such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and so many more! Really though it’s for everyone, who doesn’t like to play dress up and be sexy sometimes!


What makes your line so different from, say, some of the items that can be found at Victoria’s Secret?

Well when you go into Victoria’s Secret, they have racks and racks of the SAME thing… in every single size. My attire I create by hand and no two tops are ever exactly alike. I make them all to order, so say someone sees something they like but wants to change this or add this, since it’s all custom, I can make it happen. Basically you are guaranteed to own your very own one of a kind top.

I sew everything by hand and add all of the crystals and accents by hand, they are not mass-produced and each and every top has a little something different and their own little touch of unique beauty.


Where are the modified tops made?

I have an office out of my house that I handle everything from. I make them, pack them and ship them all weekly from there. So this is all locally operated and I am a one woman show – no employees or coworkers. I also update and run my own webpages (with the help of HUT Marketing on the webpage of course, since I’m awful when it comes to my site).

How has the response been?

Absolutely amazing beyond my wildest dreams! I have gotten orders from all around the world. Recently I have had orders come from Athens and it kind of made me realize how big my line is becoming in such a short period of time. It still kind of blows my mind at how much people love it. I mean I love seeing it in photo shoots because it’s like “wow I MADE that!”


How many “lines” have you produced?

I typically try to do a mini line every few months, I came out with 3 for a few local fashion shows. I teamed up with Ben Miller who shot the Christmas line, and then to do my first “spring release line”. Then E. Marie photography for my popular “Queens of Halloween” line which was AMAZING because not only was it my attire, but we brought in local make up artists Yasmein and Huda Abdulla to create these crazy characters to go along with the attire. The Christmas line and Halloween line have been my most successful to date by far.

Can you tell us about the latest line?

Oh geesh the Christmas line is SO much fun and my favorite! We had two Mrs. Claus outfits, two elves, and 2 snowmen outfits. I tried to incorporate all different aspects off the holidays into these outfits, I added a ton of feathers and sequins and really wanted the outfits to sparkle and shine. It was actually the first time I used things like garland and little pom poms on the tops, but it turned out to be perfect.

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I see that your lingerie is based on women having fun with what they’re wearing. Is this everyday wear? Seasonal wear? What’s the best time to sport a QOD garment?

I feel like it is everyday wear. I mean what’s the difference between wearing a top like what I make and wearing a crop top shirt or a bikini top? Its fun and fashionable and if it fits the mood of the event you’re wearing it to then why not? Like I said, festivals and clubs are always fun places to wear them, but one of my promo models, Natasha actually ordered a custom top to wear all the way in Miami at the Bills VS Dolphins game, so I really don’t see why you couldn’t wear them anywhere and everywhere.


What is your favorite piece and why?

I think to date my favorite outfit has got to be this absolutely amazing piece I made for local burlesque dancer Trixi Firecracker that was a full peacock tail and matching top, it was so amazing! It had around 100 feathers and was so colorful and full of life. She performed at the Riviera Theatre and I actually went to see her perform. Seeing her on stage with it was amazing. I actually cried because I had never actually seen anything like it and I tend to get over emotional haha.

Will you be expanding your line to bottoms as well?

I do actually make bottoms! Either tutus or bottoms, depends on what the customer would like.

Where do you go from here?

My promo models and myself will be heading to Vegas this year for EDC to try to do a lot more marketing for the festival season and try to spread the word about QODCC. Also myself and E. Marie photography plan on offering some workshops featuring exclusive attire that will not be for sale anywhere and only offered for the shoots which should be quite fun. Maybe someday possibly even open a QOD boutique and be able to do business locally while being able to physically be able to meet with clients and customers and sit down one on one and discuss their ideas for outfits so we can make their fantasies a reality!


Anything else?

I want women to embrace their bodies and feel sexy in their own skin. It’s not everyday that you can wear something that was made for YOU and made to be exactly what YOU want to be… so why not have a little fun with it?


Holiday photo shoot: The photos are all taken by BMI photography and make up and hair by David Gerard. Models are : Kenzie Diamond, Chelsea Faire, Nikkii Valentine, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, Emma Rusa and Natasha Elaine.

Additional models: Roberta Costa, Kayte KZ, Lindsey Black, Elena Helms, Christina Metauro, Lauren Schilling, Rachael Baltes, Kayla Victoria, Megan Mai, Bernadette Machias, Airica Michelle and Candice Alice.

Photography by E. Marie’s Photography, Gregorio Photography, Kat Attack Photography, and Shuttereye Photography.

Make up and hair by Beauty by Yaz, Huda Glow and Amanda Marsala

Queen of Diamonds Clothing Company | Facebook | Website


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