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“Within” to Premiere at North Park Theatre

Following is an interview with movie maker Ken Cosentino. This Halloween is the world premiere of “Within” – a psychological thriller with zombies, filmed entirely in WNY. Within will be showing at the North Park Theatre along with a red carpet event.
Q: Tell us a bit about “Within”
Ken: “Within” is a psychological thriller with zombies filmed entirely in WNY. It follows the story of six strangers who find themselves hiding out in a house during a zombie apocalypse.
Q: What separates “Within” from other zombie films?
A: Most zombie movies only have one type of zombie: Slow or fast. We have both. As this blood borne pathogen makes it’s way into your system, you become a violent cannibal. The longer you’ve been infected, the more time Rigor mortis has had to set in. Also, our protagonist Albert is gay. I’ve never seen a zombie film with a gay protagonist before. Albert is played by the talented Tyler Austin, who is gay in real life, so the LGBT crowd definitely has someone to root for!
Q: Very cool. Can you tell us a bit about the filming of “Within”?
A: Sure thing. We filmed most of it in Ransomville, NY at a farm house. We pretty much lived there for a few months. Lots of chickens, lots of bees. We would go home sticky with karo syrup blood, caked in mud and completely exhausted. But it made for a cool movie.
Q: From what I understand, you had a pretty unique experience on set…
A: It was quite intense. I had just returned from a month in Pensacola, Florida, where I was working with The Asylum on a film called “Atlantic Rim”. I was the first assistant director and the movie starred Graham Greene and Treach.
Q: The Asylum, the makers of “Sharknado”?
A: Yes, I’ve worked on a few of their movies. When I got back from Florida, I wanted to take it easy. The shoot made me sick and I was happy to be back in Niagara Falls. Those guys work hard! So when two of my colleagues asked me to help with “Within”, I was apprehensive. I decided to join the project as a consultant, then as a producer basically helping out everywhere it was needed. I was doing makeup and consulting.
Q: Tell us about the change in directors.
A: Originally, Jon Ferrari was directing the film. He had good intentions but it was an incredibly ambitious project for a first time director who hadn’t even done a short film before. After four weeks, we decided that it was best if I stepped in and directed the film. I reshot everything that we’d done and wrote about 30 more pages to the script. Jon stayed on as a producer and the story is his.
Q: And you are premiering on Halloween!
A: Yes! At the historic North Park Theatre in Buffalo, NY! Doors open at 9:30 pm and tickets can be purchased in advance on their website. We’ll all be in costume and we encourage our guests to be as well! It’s well after trick-or-treating so parents can come and there’s a big after party at Fat Bob’s Smokehouse. It’s a very special event with a red carpet, a photographer, the whole nine yards! I also hear that there’s a costume contest afterwards! We will be having a Q & A session and it gives you a chance to meet the cast and crew of the film!
Q: …who are all entirely local?
A: Correct! The Buffalo-Niagara region has become quite a hot spot for the film industry!
Q: So it seems. Thanks Ken, we look forward to seeing your film.
For more information: or reach Ken at: | Facebook

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