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Sweet Temptations du Jour to open in Allentown

A bakery called Sweet Temptations is opening a new location in Allentown. That’s a good thing considering that there has been an uptick in bar and restaurant openings, and diversity in culinary offerings is always welcome. Plus, the new location is directly across the street from Allendale Theatre, where Theatre of Youth (TOY) performances are routinely scheduled – families get ready!

Soon the neighborhood will, once again, have a place where they can pick up an array of baked goods that include sugar waffles (dipped in milk chocolate fresh roasted peanuts, dipped in dark chocolate & toasted almonds), Poteca (Eastern European Cake), Fudgy Brownie, Russian Teacakes, coconut macaroon, buttery cut-out cookies, Pfefferneusse (black pepper spice Cardammon German Cookie), Cugidati (no explanation needed), Peanut Puddle, Coconut Patty, spritz dipped in chocolate mint, rum balls, Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Comfort Corn (salty/sweet stove popped corn with milk chocolate and sea salt) and Croatian Strudel with apples…

Sweet Tempations baked goods are also available at Guercio’s on Grant Street, at The Broadway market, and at a number of markets, festivals and fairs. If it sounds like there are Eastern European influences in their offerings, then you’re right…

“My Grandmother, Mother & Aunt spent many hours working in their kitchens.  We grew up with wonderful homemade breads, cakes, pastries, and cookies.  Their Eastern European recipes were handed down from generation to generation.  Now I can share with you some of my favorites.  Baked fresh in Buffalo, NY using the best local ingredients, buy them here and send them to your family and friends.” – Barbara Keating @ Sweet Tempations

It’s good to finally see a business opening in this location that once housed Lagniappes. After talking to a couple of residents in the neighborhood, they were excited to see that the bakery was moving in, and felt that the locals can support this type of business, if there is a diverse range of fresh and seasonal, quality baked goods.

Sweet Temptations | 220 Allen Street | Buffalo NY  14201 | Facebook


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