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“Grover Cleveland’s Better Half”

[There is an] interesting article on Grover Cleveland’s wife that should be of interest to Buffalonians, especially those who are paying attention to world affairs at the moment.

In a world where the US seems to be involved in perpetual wars, read what the American Conservative Magazine had to say about Buffalo. Buffalo has a long and deep history of opposing war and foreign entanglements. This is a good read for Buffalonians who are unfamiliar with Buffalo’s presidents and how they shaped our nations politics/foreign policy.

“Buffalo produced two of our most pacific presidents: Millard Fillmore, who opposed the Mexican War, rebuffed the Southern Democrat expansionists who wanted to take Cuba, and as a Peace Whig sought an alternative to Civil War; and Grover Cleveland, who in his first inaugural address reaffirmed the Jeffersonian pledge of “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliance with none,” denounced U.S. interference in Hawaii as “disgraceful,” and appointed as secretary of state Walter Q. Gresham, perhaps the most stalwart anti-imperialist diplomat in our history. You’re welcome, says Western New York to an ungrateful nation.” –

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