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“Color With Me” Adventures by Keith White Jr.

You have to admire any person that is gifted with the creative ability to write and illustrate. What’s even more admirable is utilizing those talents towards a greater good. In the case of children’s book author Keith White Jr., he has come up with a series of coloring books that are dedicated to his children, one who was diagnosed with neurological problems at an early age.

It was Keith’s desire to put that child into the lead role of a book, as the main character. By doing so, Keith felt empowered, but even more importantly, his son shared in the glory, and the result actually transcended to the classroom and daily life. It was then that Keith knew that he wielded a super power, that would change not only his own life, but the lives of his family members.

“I have written and illustrated 19 “Color-With-Me” adventure books, “says Keith. “Each book features 10 chapters. The chapters are followed by a picture to color based on what was just read. The idea being that it helps the kids remember what they read and it gives them a momentary break from reading. A while back my middle son Andrew was diagnosed with neurological problems including motor and tic disorders as well as attention deficit problems and hyperactivity after being unable to keep his attention on his school work and uncontrollably rolling his eyes and rubbing his fingers together until they blistered. I wrote my first book, Andrew and the Pirates as a way to help his confidence and his schoolwork. It was the first book report he got an “A” on. The look on his face was all the motivation I needed to keep writing.”

You would think that after such a tantamount success, that Keith would sit back and relax, but apparently the writer/illustrator got the bug for continuing on, even though his son (the star character of the first book) was getting older. Now Keith is writing about his youngest son, Collin, which means the sagas continue, featuring real life characters who don’t only beat the odds in the books, they beat them in real life as well. The books are designed to help other kids that have trouble concentrating and/or retaining information.

Keith’s books are available at the Bookworm in East Aurora and at Dog Ears bookstore and Café in South Buffalo. Teachers, keep an eye out for book signings in the future.

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Photo: All of Keith’s “Color With Me” Adventures


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