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What’s the Buzz in Your Garden?

Author: Liz Lipsitz

An important discussion on bees and other beneficial insects at Urban Roots Garden Center…

The news has not been good of late for bees, a very important plant pollinator. The impact of pesticides, climate change, genetically altered plants, parasites and other factors on insect population and behavior is an increasing concern. The mystery of Colony Collapse Disorder and other threats to the very existence of the bee population must be solved and addressed by enlightened public policy. Without some important changes, the future of food as we know it may be at risk. NO BEES, NO FRUIT! (not to mention, honey, vegetables, grains, and many other foods.)

Often we think only of the troubles insects can bring to our lives: aphids may be eating our roses, borers may be destroying our trees, yellow jackets may be pestering our picnic guests, grubs may be in our lawn, etc., etc. And while these things matter, this is only one part that insects play in our lives. When gardeners handle the problems that insects can cause, we must do it in an intelligent and responsible way, because insects are an essential part of what makes our gardens function and thrive as well. Pollinators are essential to the growth and development of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The solution to the problem of aphids on the roses may just be the work of another little insect, the ladybug, who just loves to eat those pesky aphids up. Praying mantises will devour many plant eaters too. Beneficial nematodes can be the best solution to the presence of plant damaging pests in our soil.

As part of our participation in the National Garden Festival and Garden Walk, Urban Roots will be hosting two events on the importance of bees and other beneficial insects in the garden. On Wednesday, June 25 and Wednesday, July 9, both at 6:00 pm, there will be informative presentations and discussions on this important issue, led by Wayne Robbins and David Clark. We urge you to attend one or both of these events, which will be held in our beautiful Urban Roots garden center yard. Call the store at 716-362-8982, or go to here for more info and to sign up.

Photo: Miniperium | Urban Roots – Facebook | 428 Rhode Island


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