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Chrusciki Bakery Opens Its Doors in Kenmore

Life in Kenmore is a little bit sweeter thanks to the recent arrival of Chrusciki Bakery. To the delight of locals, Chrusciki Bakery opened its doors in Kenmore earlier this year. The bakery has a loyal following of customers who visit its two other locations, one in the Broadway Market and the other in Lancaster, for traditional European and North American baked goods.

Chrusciki-Bakery-Buffalo-NY-1Chrusciki Bakery is a family owned and operated business. Its founders, Teddy and Hania Robieniek, moved from Gdansk to Buffalo in pursuit of the American dream. While teaching themselves English, Teddy and Hania worked in E. M. Bakery in the Broadway Market. They eventually purchased the bakery and renamed it ‘Chrusciki Bakery’. In 2010, Teddy and Hania, along with their daughter, Ania, purchased a second location in Lancaster.

In commenting on Chrusciki’s decision to move to Kenmore, Ania, who is now the sole owner and operator of the bakery, mentioned the results of a survey that the Kenmore Village Improvement Society (or KVIS) published in the Ken-Ton Bee and shared with local developers and brokers. Among other things, the survey asked residents what type of business they would like to see move to Kenmore. The top choice, selected by 82.1 percent of residents, was a bakery. Ania also loves the village and how ‘quaint’ it is.

Chrusciki-Bakery-Buffalo-NY-3The most popular items at the bakery are placek, almond rings, cheese crumb Danish pastries, all occasion cakes, and (of course) chrusciki. Chrusciki, after the which the bakery is named, are “lightly fried pastry cookies delicately sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar.” Customers can grab something to go or enjoy a dessert and coffee in the bakery’s pleasant seating area. While I typically walk away with a poppy seed cake or almond ring, my children love the seasonal cut-out cookies and brownies. In addition to sweets, Chrusciki serves paninis, wraps, pierogi, polish sausage, salads, soup, and more.

The response from residents to Chrusciki’s move to Kenmore has been overwhelmingly positive. Ania says that, “it has been humbling to see all the excitement from everyone that walks through the door.” Her longtime customers are pleased with the move as well. Some of Ania’s customers remember seeing her as a young girl helping her parents in the Broadway Market over 20 years ago. “It’s a great feeling to have such a loyal following.”

Chrusciki’s decision to move to Kenmore is great news for the village. The bakery will add to the growth of ‘downtown’ Kenmore and provide residents with a meeting place and destination on their evening walks. Over the years, we have seen businesses come and go along Delaware Ave. in Kenmore. Hopefully, Chrusciki will find much success in its third home and prompt other local business to consider a Kenmore location.

Chrusciki Bakery |2872 Delaware Avenue | Kenmore, NY | (716) 381-9924



Written by Julie Kirsch

Julie Kirsch

A native of Western New York whose articles focus upon food and development in Kenmore.

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