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CNU Next Gen Events Open to the Public During the Official Congress

Almost everyone knows by now that the Congress for New Urbanism will be hosting their annual Congress in Buffalo next month from June 4th through June 7th. I was lucky enough to snag a press pass so expect to get some updates and thoughts about the sessions I plan to attend. Unfortunately, not everyone can be so lucky to attend the urban planning conference for the ages, but you can still be involved for free!

The CNU Next Generation of New Urbanists is a fellowship within CNU and each evening of the Congress, NextGen will be hosting social, networking and participatory events to maximize the experience of attendees and highlight Buffalo. Check out the amazing offerings that run parallel with the Congress, which are free and open to the public. Some of the NextGen events even feature CNU speakers that are more accessible at these events than the Congress itself. Be sure to stay up to date with NextGen by liking their Facebook page here.



Brewery Tour & Tasting

Tuesday, June 3, 3:00 pm

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

76 Pearl St

Break the ice with cold brewskis with the next generation of New Urbanists at the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery. The brewery will reveal a special brew made specially for the 22nd Congress for the New Urbanism.

Canals & Cocktails

Tuesday, June 3, 5:00-9:00 pm

Canal District Ruins (near the Whipple Truss Bridge)

Commercial Slip

Pre-game the congress at a happy hour and networking event at the “ruins” of the Canal District, a once Venetian-like waterfront neighborhood wiped away during urban renewal, and now being resurrected. Discover the restored and re-watered terminus of the Erie Canal, long buried under a parking lot. Meet local activists and special guest Ray Oldenberg, sociologist and writer of The Great Good Place, which revealed how bars, coffee shops, general stores, and other “third places” are central to local democracy and community vitality. At 7:30 pm, a free R-rated tour of the historic Canal District will be offered. The event is co-sponsored by Friends of the Buffalo Story.



Opening Night Mixer & Infamous Pub Crawl

Wednesday, June 4, 7:00 pm+


Pan American Grill & Brewery

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Join CNU NextGen at the congress kick-off mixer at the Pan-American Grill & Brewery, located in the Lafayette Hotel. Peatónito, Mexico City’s masked pedestrian revolutionary, will offer up a presentation and short film at 7 pm. At 8 pm, join Peatónito and local Buffalovers as they depart on NextGen’s annual pub crawl, which will hit up some of the Rust Belt’s coolest watering holes. On tap will be Tappo, Brady’s, Dinosaur BBQ, Founding Fathers… and who knows what next! The event is co-sponsored by Buffalo’s Young Preservationists.

Ineffably Urban

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

341 Delaware Ave

Wednesday, June 4, 7:30 pm

Take in contemporary art and a reading from Ineffably Urban, a new book by Miriam Paeslack that explores Buffalo’s transition from an economy based on heavy industry to a future economy now being defined. Hallwalls itself, a contemporary art center in a repurposed, narrowly saved church, is a must-see!



StrongTowns Roundtable Podcast

Thursday, June 5, Noon

Pan American Grill & Brewery

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Sit down with Chuck Marohn of StrongTowns at the Lafayette Hotel for a casual discussion of today’s hot topics.

Silos, Brews, & Bonfires

Thursday, June 5, 6:30-11:00 pm

Silo City

Ohio and Childs Sts.

Buffalo’s Silo City is a landscape unlike any other on the planet. Grain elevators—the largest collection of such structures anywhere—tower over the Buffalo River, once the world’s largest grain port. Buffalo’s role as grain capital virtually ended when the St. Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959, but these industrial giants remain, awaiting adaptive reuse. Explore these ruins with local activists. Food trucks, kegs of local beer, and the “Burning Stan”—a bonfire setting Buffalo’s archetypical working man alight—will be highlights. Andrés Duany and Sjoerd Soeters will give a special presentation at 8 pm. Need a ride? At 5:30 pm at the Convention Center, hop on the Open Air Autobus for a $35, 90-minute waterfront tour that will conclude at Silo City (and bring you back!).

“Sugar Body Surge”

Thursday, June 5, 6:00-9:00 pm

Board of Trade & Commerce Gallery/Resurgence Brewing Co.

1250 Niagara St.

Join in on this West Side art event that brings together two arts entities—Sugar City and BT&C Gallery—which are driving forces in the resurrection of one of Buffalo’s forgotten industrial landscapes. Installations and urban interventions by local artists will show creative placemaking at work. The event will include a sneak peek into the city’s latest craft brewery, Resurgence Brewing Co.!



First “Street Design Book” Run

Friday, June 6, 7:45 am

Departs from Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Experience Buffalo at street level. Join Victor Dover and John Simmerman on a morning run around Buffalo!

Buffalo Park-In

Friday, June 6, 5:00 pm

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

CNU NextGen is partnering with the American Society of Landscape Architects, Upstate Chapter, to turn several on-street parking spaces at the Lafayette Hotel into pop-up parks. Construction will start at noon, with unveiling at 5 pm. Expect free tango lessons, too!

Buffalo New Urbanism Film Screening

Friday, June 6, 5:00-11:00 pm

Pan American Grill & Brewery

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

The inaugural New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2013 was a huge success. Audiences were provoked, inspired, and challenged to build better places for themselves and their communities. Now the festival producers are taking the show on the road with a special screening of the award winning videos of NUFF2013. The world premier of “Olmsted’s Enduring Legacy,” a WNED documentary on Buffalo’s park and parkway system, will be featured at 5 pm.

Pecha Kucha & Debate Night

Friday, June 6, 6:00-10:00 pm

Pan American Grill & Brewery

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

NextGen takes over the back room of the Pan-American Grill & Brewery for all-night pecha kucha (starts at 6 pm) and debate and discussion (starts at 8 pm). Have an idea you’d like to present? The floor is yours!

Late Show

Friday, June 6, 10:00 pm

Pan American Grill & Brewery

Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns will record his Late Show and talk up the big topics at CNU 22.



Second “Street Design Book” Run

Thursday, June 6, 7:45 am

Departs from Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Experience Buffalo at street level. Join Victor Dover and John Simmerman on a morning run around Buffalo!

Five Points +

Saturday, June 7, 11:00 am-3:00 pm

Five Points

Rhode Island and West Utica Sts.

“Five Points +” neighborhood stakeholders, business owners, and concerned citizens will leverage tactical urbanism to traffic calm a dangerous, problematic intersection. Expect a street party, art, chalk, and greenery, to boot! Peatónito, Mexico City’s masked pedestrian revolutionary, will be a participant!

Tour de Neglect

Saturday, June 7, 12:30-2:15 pm

Departs from Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Activist, blogger, and photographer David Torke will give the Tour de Neglect, which will guide cyclists across the oceanic devastation of Buffalo’s East Side. Starting and ending at bookends of hope, with chapters on change in between, the Tour de Neglect will include all the scandal of the Tour de France without its spandex and champagne. This tour should come with a warning label: “May inspire feelings of civic duty and moral outrage.” The Tour de Neglect will include stops at St. Anne’s Church, Wilson Street Farm, Buffalo Central Terminal, William Simon brewery, Sacred Heart Church, and Larkin Power House. Two dozen bicycles will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. An optional lunch will follow at a to-be-disclosed location. The tour is free.

Lunch at the Roycroft

Saturday, June 7, 12:15-3:15 pm

Departs from Convention Center

Elbert Hubbard, the marketing genius of the Larkin Co., took early retirement and founded Roycroft, an Arts and Crafts-inspired colony of artists and artisans in East Aurora, south of Buffalo, in 1895. Eventually numbering over 500, his followers built a number of Roycroft buildings, including an inn, powerhouse, and several workshops. This tour takes us directly to the Roycroft Inn, magnificently restored and filled with Arts and Crafts furniture, decorative fixtures, and murals. A reasonably-priced lunch will be available (tour and transportation cost does not include meal). Cost is $40. The tour is sponsored by the Campaign for Greater Buffalo.

Kickball Tournament

Saturday, June 7, 2:30 pm

Central Wharf

Foot of Main St

Join NextGen for the First Annual CNU NextGen Kickball Tournament. Sign up here:

Hamlin Park Historic District: What’s Next?

Saturday, June 7, 3:00-5:00 pm

Departs from Lafayette Hotel

391 Washington St

Hamlin Park is the East Side’s only historic district, an African American middle class enclave built around Frederick Law Olmsted’s Humboldt Parkway, the Elm tree-framed boulevard destroyed in the 1960s by the sunken pit of the Kensington Expressway. Learn what residents are doing today to reclaim their neighborhood against an onslaught of forces, including the highway scar, population flight, and the bulldozers on its periphery. Meet people who have purchased abandoned homes for a dollar and rehabbed them under a unique program offered by the City. And help answer the question, what’s next for the Kensington Expressway? The walk is hosted by Mike Puma, a preservation professional, activist, and Hamlin Park resident.

Written by Mike Puma

Mike Puma

Writing for Buffalo Rising since 2009 covering development news, historic preservation, and Buffalo history. Works professionally in historic preservation.

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