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Wrecking Buffalo: Problematic Chippewa Property Sheds Bricks

BRO Reader Submission

I thought I would write to Buffalo Rising to talk about what is going on 45 W. Chippewa.  I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about…it houses 4 Play and Indulge.  The neighborhood has had to deal with the “residents” of that place for years harassing visitors to the street, guests to nearby establishments, and the neighborhood as a whole.

Well now that things are really looking up for Buffalo, that place is falling down!  60-80 bricks fell off the building’s facade last weekend landing in 4 Play’s “patio area” luckily no one was hurt.  This problem has gotten out of control!  In the past we’ve had to deal with everything from bottles getting thrown through windows to guys on the second floor jerking off in front of their window.

Now the bricks that fell last week are still lying exactly where they hit (scaffolding is finally up).  I was hoping you could shine a light on the property owner.  They should be held accountable.  I heard second hand that they would be open to selling (something new)… it’s time for a change.



45 W. Chippewa Street

Owner: Crazy Horse Development Inc.

The upper floors of the circa-1882, three-story building contain a rooming house with 46 units. Tenants residing in the building have been a source of complaints and criminal activity for years.   Crazy Horse purchased the property in May 2007 for $950,000.

Once the brickwork is fixed, the inherent problems within the building will most likely remain the same. This is an instance when the quality of life for all Buffalonians is undermined, by one single building owner. At this point in time, Chippewa is a district that is attempting to turn things around as a whole. Where are the politicians when you need them? How is everyone else aware of this disturbing issue, and yet The City does nothing? The City is certainly aware of the adverse nature of this building, and the ill-effects that it has on Downtown Buffalo.

For far too long this city has been held hostage by greedy landlords who cash the checks and do nothing for the properties, inside or out. They live off of the system and are subsidized by the government. These property owners don’t live in the buildings, nor do they live in the neighborhood. Chances are they don’t even live in the region. They bleed the city for all it’s worth, after moving away years ago. These are the people that helped to bring Buffalo to its knees. Buffalo is on the rebound, and it’s time that make the building owners pay for their intentional blood sucking behavior.


Written by Buffalo Rising

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