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Local children’s book author Roselyn Kasmire to host signing event at Ashker’s

roselyn-kasmire-headshotChildren’s book author Roselyn Kasmire first moved to Buffalo as a young adult to pursue a life in special education. Teaching in Buffalo, Roselyn has been able to write books that are constructive in helping to provide life lessons that she feels are important for children. By telling stories in the guise of a fun and colorful book, with animated characters that children can identify with, Roselyn hopes to both entertain and educate young people.

Mage-Buffalo-NYThe author’s first book, Mis-Adventures of Mage Magnus, tells the story of a young boy with magical powers. Because of his unusual talents, the boy finds himself getting into worlds of trouble only to have to figure out ways to reconcile with his powers and his predicaments, thus alleviating the awkward situations. Roselyn points out that the book is about perseverance during adversity (illustrations by Mike Alvarez).

The author has recently released her second book called The Adventures of Jasper – a book that delves into the controversial subject matter of the ill-effects of eating junk food… but in a constructive way (illustrated by Blair Rusin). “I see the issues that the kids are going through,” says Roselyn. “I talk about these issues through a fun entertaining way that has a lesson at the end. Without preaching. The Adventures of Jasper is about a little boy who loves candy and wakes up to find himself stuck in-between two worlds. Junkietown and Healthyville. Of course he goes to Junkietown and gets into trouble – he gets really fat, weak and tired when he over-eats junk foods – and realizes that Healthyville has his best interest at heart.  It’s about making healthier choices.”


What makes Roselyn’s books so intriguing is that not only does she see the various issues that the children face on a daily basis (and spells them out in her books), she is also able to incorporate lesson plans that revolve around each book. “Being a teacher I wanted more out of books,” she adds. “I didn’t want parents to purchase a book, read it then it just sits there… with the lesson plans parents and children can engage in various activities to enhance the child’s learning experience. The lesson plans are tailored to the child’s current skill level so they can be used for children of all different ages.”

Roselyn’s next scheduled book signing is at Ashker’s Café (1002 Elmwood Avenue), April 26th, from 12-3pm. Complimentary juices will be available to children courtesy of Ashker’s, not to mention an appearance by Bobby Banana, the Main character in The Adventures of Jasper. 

The author’s books are available for purchase at multiple locations including Barnes and Noble, Talking Leaves, Everything Elmwood, Bloomsbury Lane and Readers can also purchase the book as well as download multiple lesson plans on her website. The books are designed for children ages 1 – 8 years of age. 


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