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Queen City Film & Soundtrack Release Party

Following is an interview with Buffalo film director Peter McGennis who is releasing his first multi-media package for his latest production called Queen City. In anticipation of the release, Peter is planning a launch party event with plenty of hometown spirit and campy Buffalo swagger. Featuring Lance Diamond, and a dance floor designed to mimic the Edward Cotter fireboat, the celebratory Queen City Blu-ray/DVD/Original Soundtrack release party includes cast and crew from the film – “Rust Belt Woman Work It One More Time!”


The Tralf, Thursdy, April 10th at 7:00 pm | Admission is free

BRO: Why put out a Blu-ray/DVD/Original Soundtrack to begin with?

PM: It was very important to me to preserve the unique intersection of film, music and Buffalo’s living history in the final physical product… before breaking things down for digital release (iTunes, etc).  The Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD/Original Soundtrack/Poster Package is much like a hand-tailored, concept album miles apart from the Hollywood formula.  I call it a “Movie Album” which reflects my niche and the direction I am heading as a multi-media artist. The Limited Edition Film, Music & Poster Art Package represents pretty much everything that was in my head from inception when I first wrote the title track “Queen City” before writing the script.

BRO: Have you released your other films in this manner?

PM: Nope. This multi-media package is a first and it stems a lot from being burned by distributors in the past. For instance, having a distributor only release on DVD to save cost instead of Blu-ray or watching the music get chopped off like an extremity and left on the side of the road. It is very rare to see both film and soundtrack packaged together because of licensing and other barriers between the film and music industries. Because I wrote all of the original songs into the script, I was able to keep the film and soundtrack together and in the case of Queen City, they really are inseparable.

BRO: Any future plans to release a box set?

PM: One day down the road, I’d like to see the trilogy of my Buffalo films (Buffalo Bushido, Queen City and Bubble Girl) all be made available together on Blu-ray with music, comic book art, etc… I still have a couple years left on the deal with Buffalo Bushido and Bubble Girl will be released next year. We’ve already recorded music for Bubble Girl with Sharon Jones and others so you can expect a similar “Movie Album” package for that children’s film. We are actually releasing my first film “In” as a Movie Album that was shot in New Orleans and features the last recordings from the late Jimmy Smith as well as Kermit Ruffins, Maria Muldaur and others.

BRO: How do your films begin?

PM: A film is much like a song in the way that it comes to me. It’s a discovery process… with just many more elements to uncover with a film than with a song. Then there comes a point when the soul and spine connect… after many hours of conscious and unconscious thought. I can then sense what the story is and where it needs to go. I then find the right sources of inspiration and begin writing. This happened to me about two weeks ago.

BRO: What’s next for you?

PM: After completing Bubble Girl, I feel that I am ready for the next chapter. Like a compass, I will keep one foot here while the other extends out into other parts unknown. The next project will take place in rural Western New York and out west. Having just entered the safe sanctuary of writing, I always wait until the second or third draft before divulging the title.

BRO: What’s your dream project?

PM: They all have been dream projects. In the case of Queen City, it was so amazing to step back into the 1970’s, push myself musically and have the film pass through hundreds of hands. In the case of Bubble Girl, to work with and honor kids battling illness and stress the importance of listening to our children and healing power of the imagination. The opportunity to make any film is a dream project and it really needs to be given all of the other priorities in my life.

Look forward to dancing the night away with Lance Diamond at The Tralf on April 10th for our Queen City Film & Soundtrack Release Party!



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