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6 Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever

Submitted by Luke:

Excellent story [in Gizmodo] about removing freeways from downtown and how it changed the cities forever. I’ve often thought Buffalo should remove the access ramps further away from downtown.

  • Downgrade the Kensington back to Humboldt Parkway between Main Street and Jefferson Street
  • Remove the I-90 all the way back to Hamburg Street in the Larkin District
  • Get rid of the Scajaquada and the Niagara Expressway completely or at least get rid of the Scajaquada and downgrade the Niagara and Route 5 to an Olmsted style Parkway.

Here’s the latest “must read” on successful freeway removals from Gizmodo (read article).


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BRO Reader Submission

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