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Paget Films: Andres Duany on Buffalo, CNU22

Paget Films has just released a new audio commentary version of its film short Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City“. The original release shows gorgeous views of Buffalo with narration by local urban design experts and activists.  Two subsequent releases of the film  include over dubbed interviews focusing on Buffalo and urbanism, with Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) President and CEO, John Norquist, and now most recently, with prominent urban designer, architect, and CNU founder Andres Duany.


Duany, from DPZ & Company.

The interview is conducted by Paget Films founder, John Paget, as while watching the film.  Their commentary is often in reaction to what they are seeing in the movie.  Duany is quite interesting to hear speak.  He has a lot to say about architecture and cities and is not shy about pointing out the flaws that exist in the way we make our cities. He pulls no punches and can be counted on saying something unexpected.  He does not disappoint in this interview.  Paget let the conversation go on even as the film ends capturing a great discussion that is well worth your time.

The CNU will be holding its 22nd annual convention in Buffalo this June.  The convention will be based around the theme, “the resilient city”, perfect for Buffalo as it struggles to throw off the disaster that was the last half of the 20th century. The conference will bring leaders in urban design from across the country. It will be a wonderful forum  in which to highlighting Buffalo’s strengths but, probably more importantly, to focus on its weakness and untapped potential.  This convention will be a great opportunity to focus the attention of local leadership on the future and push them away from the antiquated 20th century  urban thinking that still holds sway with too many in Western New York.

Save the dates; CNU 22: The Resilient City, June 4 through 7, 20124.

 From the film.

Written by David Steele

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