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Hello, Mr. Smith

One of the newest tenants setting up shop in the Larkin Commerce Building is the graphic design firm, Mr. Smith. You can find them sharing a “creative space” with Steamroller Press in suite 403.

Don’t let the generic sounding name fool you. In fact, the name is deliberate to invoke a sense of mystery, and direct the attention onto the brand they are hired to build or expand.

1497693_628332090536632_711545137_nLess than a year old (est. April 2013), the Mr. Smith agency has been steadily building clientele. If you’re familiar with the Black Market Food Truck, Farm Team Apparel, Thrifty Car Rental of Buffalo and Tanglewood Salon, then you have already seen some of their work around Buffalo.

Rob Dimmer (Creative Director & Principal Designer) is the founder of Mr. Smith. With a strong marketing background and years of learning the ropes, he has an expansive portfolio. However, the restrictions placed by the corporate world left Rob searching for a more creative outlet. So, freelancing in his spare time was the obvious next step, “Over the last few years I realized I needed to legitimize it and attempt to build something or else I’d always regret it. So I reached out to a few of my closest, creative friends, we partnered up and built what we are today,” said Rob.

1488685_640217656014742_1801557025_nLuckily, those friends come with vast experience and skill sets of their own to make Mr. Smith a successful endeavor. Rob’s partners are Robbie Grabowski (Digital Director), Chrissy Pyne (Art Director), and Collin Wittman (Account Manager & Copywriter).

This talented group has proved their quality of work and multitude of services are pretty limitless, and that is showcased through their diverse range of customers. From larger tech and medical companies to food trucks and bands, they’re enthusiastic and confident that they can “provide creative services to elevate companies over their competitors.”

Mr. Smith’s innovative flare and collective energy complement the essence of Larkinville quite nicely. While the graphic design studio continues to promote their customers’ brands, their own name recognition has been spreading as well.

The most current project is a brand overhaul for a company based in the cool techy town of Austin, Texas. Keep an eye out for more to come from the talented Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith |  701 Seneca Street, Suite 403 | Buffalo, New York 14210 | p +1 716 319 7302 |

Lead image: Photo credit: Brett Mikoll — with Chrissy Pyne, Collin Wittman and Rob Dimmer at Mr. Smith

Inset: Photo credit: Andy J. DeLuca — with Collin Wittman, Rob Dimmer, Robbie Grabowski and Chrissy Pyne at Mr. Smith


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