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I <3 Euromaidan - We stand with Ukraine - Peace, Love, Music and Protest Rally


The ongoing Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, now in their 28th day, were spurred by Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich’s abrupt turn from trade deal and relief package with the European Union (EU), designed to open Ukrainian markets to the West. The trade deal was seen as one step on the pathway to EU membership and a move away from the crippling internal corruption and Russian influence that have held the nation back.

The peaceful protests in snowy downtown Kiev have been characterized by a masterful use of social media, live video feeds and a 24/7 rotation of live music, dancing, and a multitude of guest speakers (including U.S. Senators John McCain and Christopher Murphy and the actress Hayden Panettiere).

As I watch the live feeds, view the stunning photographs by international journalists, and follow the Tweets and FB posts, I am reminded of 1960’s anti-war protest movements. Like the Vietnam era protests, Euromaidan emphasizes love, peace and inclusion; with thousands of participants fed and cared for by an army of cooks, first responders and entertainers. Social media and web technologies have created a forum for dialogue and building awareness while simultaneously directing volunteers to participants requiring medical and conflict mediation around the Maidan (square).

PeaceUkr-Buffalo-NYThe protests have been funded through donations (most from within Ukraine), which have helped sustain participants by providing up to 300-400 meals per hour, which are cooked and then circulated through the crowds by an army of volunteers. The Euromaidan experience is a testament to the stamina and commitment of the Ukrainian spirit.On Sunday, Dec 22 join the Western New York and Canadian Ukrainian communities as we celebrate the incredible energy and dedication of over a million Ukrainians exercising their democratic rights in peaceful assembly for the future of their country.

Event Details:
“We stand with you, Ukraine!”
Peace Bridge Euromaidan Celebratory Rally in Solidarity with the Peaceful Protesters in Ukraine
Sun, Dec 22, 2013
2 p.m. until dusk
Duty Free Building
1 Peace Bridge Plaza
Park on Busti Avenue and Vermont Streets (walk over to meeting area)
More info:
‘McCain flies to Ukraine as the Protests Rage’ – The Daily Beast –
‘Ukraine’s ‘Euromaidan’ through the lens of the Russian Media’ – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty –
Ukrainian American Civid Center on FB:
Flower Power“, used in ‘Euromaidan.jpg’ composite image , by Bernie Boston 
UkraineEurope.jpg – Lukia Costello
Peace symbol & Twitter screen grab and Euromaidan poster – unattributable
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