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Human Race Celebration

Are you looking for others who are interested in discovering the meaning of life? No, it’s not necessarily what you’re thinking. There are some people out there who would like to start the conversations that revolve around issues that we don’t normally talk about. Such as, different races coming together to strengthen the community. Or how to make the East Side a place that is no longer considered the ‘East Side’ with all of the negative connotations – rather it is a place where different ethnicities live in peace and productive harmony. Through speech and music, and talk… the subject matter for one particular evening ranges from education to employment, and crime, and Government.

“Buffalo,  New York is a world class city with a high concentration of talented citizens,” said Ryan Meegan, a promoter of the Human Race Celebration. “This community is dear to me like family and I’m happily looking forward to the Human Race Celebration. During the event all in attendance will be encouraged to collaborate on the construction of a Love Monument. There will be a large pyramid constructed in the center of the Dnipro Ukrainian Center prior to the event. We will paint it black with chalkboard paint. Then it will be covered in Love (chalk) during the musical performances following a speech by Buffalo’s beat boxer Scantron (learn more). Scantron will speak at length on the revolution of urban culture and the creation of an education that benefits the community. The performance bill is diverse with country-punk, dance, rock, electronic and of course Hip-Hop music being featured. All artists are local and passionately love Buffalo. We will continue putting all of our energy into making a positive contribution to this city. Help us foster Peace, Love, Unity and safely having fun in the East Side, the city, and all around the world.”

Hip Hop Society: In Search of a Cultural DefinitionSee Facebook – A Presentation on Modern American and World Youth Identity, with its relationship to Education, Employment, Crime, and Government.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 | 6:00pm until 8:00pm | Free admission

Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center | 562 Genesee Street, Buffalo, New York 14204

The Human RaceSee Facebook

Saturday, November 23, 2013 | 6:00pm

Death Defying, Life Defining Performances: Music, Art, and Culture in a Multimedia Event Featuring:

Just ending now (Jeremy Jermaine Jerome)

Alicia Paolucci

Art Lakewood

Andrew J. Reimers County-Punk Extravaganza


+ Surprise Special Guests | Free admission



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