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Has anyone ever considered wave energy generators?

By RG:

Some people have complained that the windmills are an eyesore. How many people, investors and/or businesses have explored alternate paths of harnessing/producing energy, while being safe for the environment as well, using the environment to our benefit?

Has anyone ever considered wave energy generators? Lake Erie is perfect for such devices; it is a shallow lake, and has some rather turbulent weather which produces fetch, that is to say high winds that produce big waves – this is afterall what great lakes surfers seek out.

A company,, produces generators which in turn produce power from wave energy (how they work). These “jet engine” looking energy generators could be placed just a few feet off (away) from the outer break walls – the walls that see some of the most violent waves in the Great Lakes due to the shallow lake bed. Placing these generators would not discourage boaters, and the only boaters that venture close to the wall are fishermen, who would continue to do so as these generators would create additional structure to the lake bed floor to attract more fish!

The Generators would be out of sight behind the wall, not obstructing a beautiful view of the lake.

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