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Get Your Grove On

By Kristine Hornung-Pottle:

My friend and I hit Dukes Bohemian Grove Bar at 253 Allen Street on a rainy Monday night. It was the perfect place for what we were looking for. We wanted to catch up over some good food, drinks and music. DBGB’s was the perfect fit!

Dukes-Bohemian-Grove-Buffalo-NY-1We sat at a corner booth in the dining room among all the local artwork and posters. The groovy Motown music was just the right volume to enjoy it and still chat at our table. We both simultaneously commented on how we were digging the music. The Monday night football game was on a very large screen further into the dining room but it was not distracting because the music was the volume heard in the dining room. An enthusiastic waiter, who was thankfully forthcoming about his recommendations on the menu, greeted us. After a little background discussion on the location, beverage list, menu and oyster selection for the night, we ordered. We started with some white wine but take note that they do serve cocktails along with a large array of beers, fruit beers, ciders & lambics.

Dukes-Buffalo-NY-1The menu is full of really enticing pub food. However, it goes a step further with items like fresh-shucked oysters, Maine lobster rolls and imported wines.

Yes, there is a bar in Allentown that serves perfectly shucked fresh oysters at a portion of the cost of others around town. We had a hard time deciding on what to eat but definitely knew we were going to start with a dozen oysters on the half shell with mignonette and cocktail sauce. “Wow” was what we said as we slurped our oysters.

We followed the oysters with eggplant “wings” & blue cheese dip. This vegetarian version of Buffalo’s famous dish will not disappoint. You know all those friends of yours that are now vegetarian, don’t fret. Bring them to DBGB’s! Kudos to them for making a successful veggie version of this popular dish. They were crispy, spicy & tangy on the outside but soft and melty on the inside. I can only imagine how good the chicken version must be.

Our final taste was their steak sandwich. It was a perfectly grilled 6oz piece of hanger steak topped with peppers, onions & Gruyere cheese on a toasty roll. The hand cut fries that came with the sandwich were truly excellent and the delish zingy pickle tasted homemade. I have to say, hanger steak is a personal favorite and they nailed the preparation. It is not often trimmed or cut properly, which can ruin the experience. DBGB’s hanger is one to try.

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The evening commenced as the music amped up a bit with a really good mix of reggae, dance hall, ska and hip-hop. The ambiance was altering toward the later bar crowd but still comfortable. It is good to know DBGB’s accommodates a dinner hour and has a happening bar scene. Our waiter, a Buffalo native, was great to talk with. He enhanced our appreciation for DBGB’s with his enthusiasm for the owners, chefs and staff he worked with. He was truly genuine about his admiration for his job. It was refreshing. One last tidbit is that we discovered that the dining room is even kid friendly in the earlier (appropriate) part of the evening. This is such good news for us folks that have foodie kids and like to go out a lot.

Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar
253 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14201





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