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Buffalo Science & Art Cabaret: “Hysteresis”

Science-Art-Buffalo-NYBuffalo Science & Art Cabaret is celebrating its 5th season by continuing on with its tradition of bringing artists together with top university researchers in an informal setting – Ninth Ward bar in the basement of Babeville – to discuss a chosen topic. Thanks to a collaboration between the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences, Hallwall’s Contemporary Arts Center, and the Buffalo Museum of Science, the artists and researchers are able to come together to ponder a common theme. You might say that this is a planned perfect storm, where people from completely different realms, are able to intermingle with each other, only to discover that there are more commonalities between their professions (and lives) than they ever could have imagined.

Buffalo Science & Art Cabaret is part of an even larger worldwide movement called Café Scientifique, that aims to bring science out of the classrooms and the lecture halls and into the public realm, since for the most part the scientific process can be somewhat intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with it and who can not access it.

Buffalo Science & Art Cabaret is out to show that anyone can relate to science, and the process of solving problematic issues is indeed shared by artists who are often disassociated with anything scientific. In fact, artists share many similar problem solving techniques without even knowing it. A freeform discussion revolving around diverse viewpoints can often lead to the most unexpected places. Even the broad range of topics offer intriguing commonalities such as space, time, perception vs. reality, movement, nature, process, etc. According to series co-founder Will Kinney, “[It’s a] mash-up of cutting-edge science and technology with art, music, poetry, and performance: we celebrate and explore creativity in all its forms, from the quantitative to the whimsical.”

This year the topic at hand is “Hysteresis”.

Join inquisitive artists and researches as they attempt to come up with more answers than questions, in an arena that will will set out to analyze the concept of Hysteresis*.

*The 2013-14 cabaret season will include four additional events between now and April: “Scale,” “Mapping,” “The Brain” and “Data Mine, Data Yours.

To learn more, visit this website.

“Hysteresis” will begin at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the Ninth Ward at Babeville at 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo.

As usual, the event is free and open to the public, with a cash bar. The lineup:

  • Will Kinney, UB associate professor of physics, will “introduce the most important scientific concept you have never heard of.”
  • Douglas Levere, UB and commercial photographer, will talk about his book project, “New York Changing.”
  • Hong Luo, UB chair of physics, will talk about hysteresis, “that thing you can’t live without.”
  • Laurence Shine, Buffalo State English department faculty member, will speak on “Joyce’s obsession with mnemosets.”

Buffalo Science & Art Cabaret: “Hysteresis” | Wednesday, October 23, 2013 @ 7pm – Ninth Ward | Babeville


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