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Who shall take the plunge?

By Mark Williams:

I generally believe that the readers of Buffalo Rising tend to be more on the optimistic side intermingled with a dose of reality and bohemian traits only constricted by a lack of funds to carry out ideals such as purchasing an architecturally significant, but yet derelict, home and resurrecting it back into livable space.

One such home is one that I had first seen in the vast collection of urban decay photographs compiled by Fix Buffalo and, as seems to be David Torke’s mode-of-operation, there is seldom a caption informing where these unique photographs had been taken other than “somewhere” in the City of Buffalo.

As fate would have it, I was on a volunteer mission in the general vicinity of Bailey Avenue and East Ferry Street when my eye caught an all too familiar brick home that was positioned just far enough back from Bailey Avenue as to be almost missed by the daily commuter.

The little brick house featured in an array of similar type photographs sat forlorn and forgotten nestled between a commercial building and a row of much larger and equally forgotten homes at 2256 Bailey Avenue – Eureka!

Ah, yes, the visions of renovation danced in my head.

This little brick gem must have been hidden from view with another building standing in front and long since demolished revealing what may have been the home of the owner of a business that was located in front; who’s to know as I speculate?

Recorded as having been built in 1930, though, I would have guessed earlier, comprised of four bedrooms, one bath, half basement, and fireplace all totaling 1584 square feet of living space. The property is 60ftx212ft which I suspect extends all the way back to Wende Street and is homestead eligible.

Oddly, the house is owned by an Osmanli Properties, LLC which, as far as I can determine, is located in Yonkers and may be a bogus corporation but they do own three other properties in the City of Buffalo.

At this writing, I have not been able to gain access so I cannot comment on the state of the interior but I am sure it is safe to assume a total gut would be in order.

However, the question begs to be placed beforehand: would you be willing to reside on a busy, very commercial street such as Bailey and, more importantly, would you be willing to renovate and eventually reside in a less-than-desirable location?

So, you, Buffalo Rising readers, does this little gem cry out to you and shall you make it your home or shall this become yet another forgotten home in the City of Buffalo?

Imagine the possibilities.


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