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Route 66 Runs Through the Central Terminal

A commenter on this recent post about Buffalo’s Central Terminal posted a link to an interesting video clip from the old early 1960’s TV Show Route 66.  The first 5 minutes of the show apparently opens with extensive scenes at the Central Terminal showing inside and outside views.  I have seen this around the internet before and can’t remember if it was posted on BR in the past or not. Either way it is worth another look.

The building would have been just a bit over 30 years old at the time of this filming.  At that young age it was already past its prime as train travel was quickly fading but, the building is still in pristine condition. You can see a lot of detail in the video much of which has been lost.  I love the glass doors to the bar.  Notice the spectacular bronze screen wall in the background just in front of the massive arched windows. I believe that is long gone, probably sold for scrap.  I hope they are able to bring back this kinds of intricate detail to the building.  The video is a wonderful look back at an amazing building just as its sun was setting.

Written by David Steele

David Steele

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