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What is Buffalo’s ‘Freedom Trail’?

I am a huge advocate of Buffalo and I see the progress that we are making.

I am currently sitting at Logan airport waiting for my flight back to Buffalo. My wife, niece and myself spent the weekend in Boston. Today we did The Freedom Trail and it was amazing how many people were doing it as well. There were people of all ages, races, and sexes. There were groups of friends, couples and families. It was also nice to see that the businesses along the route were enjoying the benefits of all the traffic. I think Buffalo could do a similar “trail” around either our architecture (or possibly the Underground Railroad – perhaps we could even do both).

This idea seems like it would not cost that much money other than a colored line on the sidewalks and plaques to explain why a particular building, style or architect is important. I believe a lot of the buildings and history have already been documented on the website: Buffalo as an Architectural Museum.

I think this idea will help give Buffalo an additional experience for locals and tourists alike. Additionally it will provide income to the businesses on the “trail” and it will make the owners and landlords of these properties want to fix them up if for no other reason than guilt (like how the garden walk has spread – no one wants to have the ugly house with the weeds and tall grass).

I know that we have been a city that once looked for the “Silver Bullet”, but I see that changing. This idea gives Buffalo one more attraction and it will allow for us to show pride in the buildings that we have.


*The Freedom Trail in Boston: Welcome to the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, brick-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — each one an authentic treasure. Explore museums and meetinghouses, churches, and burying grounds. Learn about the brave people who shaped our nation. Discover the rich history of the American Revolution, as it began in Boston, where every step tells a story. – See more here.

Photo: Walking trail at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor


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