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Then and Now: Buffalo Police

I came across another amazing treasure of Buffalo history on the internet.  The site is part of the Buffalo Police web site showing a dense treasure of historic images and news clippings featuring Buffalo Police throughout its history.  As you scroll through, the images and material seem to go on forever and each one is more amazing than the last.   A sampling includes one of the most incredible photos ever, as a woman is caught mid fall from an upper floor of the old Genesee Hotel on Franklin Street.  There is a news story about the introduction in 1930 of the first police radio system  in the area with assurances that the frequency bands were far from the regular broadcast bands.  Images show wide-ranging things like the police blacksmith, carpenter, and leather shops, to Elvis posing with the Buffalo police.; and if Elvis was not enough they also posed with Polish president Lech Walesa!  Did you know that the first use of the electric chair was in 1890 to execute a Buffalo murderer? I guess the guy had not heard about that fancy new electrical generator up in Niagara Falls.  I especially love the images of the police vehicles and the once cutting edge but now quaintly antiquated equipment.  The blue police swat tank is almost comical in a Michael Dukakis kind of way.  Did they ever use that thing?  DO they still own it?  Check it out but ready to spend some serious time.



Written by David Steele

David Steele

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