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Roly Poly delivers quick and healthy satisfaction

A couple of months ago I wrote about the pending opening of Roly Poly sandwich shop on Main Street. The other day I had a chance to stop into Roly Poly for one of their rolled sandwiches, and was not exactly sure what to expect as I was completely unfamiliar with the company until recently.

The first thing that I can tell you about Roly Poly is that their menu is a bit overwhelming (in a good way). It was tough to pick out the exact menu item that I wanted, because so many selections looked appetizing. I ended up going with the Monster Veggie, of which I only ordered half because I wasn’t super hungry. My decision to not order a whole proved to be wise, because even the half was filling. It was also super delicious… much better than I was anticipating. The ratio of wheat tortilla wrap to loaded ingredients was spot on. There was a ton of avocado, alfalfa sprouts, plum tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, green peppers, mushrooms, baby spinach, leaf lettuce… along with Jack and Swiss cheese and ‘lite’ dill dressing – all rolled together in a super tight and light wrap. The sandwich was a major pick-me-up, loaded with flavor and vegetable goodness. Being so nicely compacted into the wrap, not one ingredient ever came tumbling out of the sandwich (how did they do that?).

The Roly Poly space is much larger than I expected. The business spills over into the stunning granite building on the end of the GraniteWorks row, with a room full of tables and bar seating along the window. The service was fast and friendly, and I was in and out in a flash. The owners of the franchise were on-hand to coach me through the menu, which was an unexpected surprise… almost as unexpected as the low price of $3.95 for the sizable half wrap that I wolfed down. Next time (maybe even right now) I’m going to try the Nutty Avocado with cashews, walnut pieces, dried cranberries, lettuce, tomato, spinach, carrots, sprouts and balsamic vinaigrette. Then I’m going to eventually go for the Build Your Own wrap where the sky is the limit.

Roly-Poly-Buffalo-Main-2Roly Poly is a great substitute for the unhealthy McBurger joints. For a small amount of money, there are so many delicious and healthy options to choose from, and you don’t get short-changed with portions. Not to mention that the building that Roly Poly resides in is magnificent.

For those who are looking for some not-so-healthy options, there are also plenty of hot pressed sandwiches, including Buffalo chicken, Philly melt, and the Key West Cuban. The list of menu items is very impressive and like I said, the priced are extremely reasonable.

Anyone not in the mood for a cold wrap or a hot pressed wrap, there are soups and salads. There’s also a kids’ menu that lists mini Roly meals!

I highly recommend checking this place out, especially if you’re in a hurry or you’re looking to eat healthy – both of which should attract plenty of customers from the Medical Campus and Allentown.

I only have two suggestions. First, please build a full length patio that stretches the entire facade of the GraniteWorks building (including the flower shop and the photo studio). Second, carry Johnnie Ryan soda (made in Western new York). Other than that, this is the perfect addition to Main Street.

Roly Poly | 846 Main Street | 716-885-7659 | | Delivery | Casual Catering |



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