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Sounds of Buffalo: The Trinity

The Trinity is:
Rod “HotRod” Bonner – Keys
Daniel “DP” Powell – Drums
Rishon Odel Northington – Bass
How did the name come about?
“Because of our spiritual backgrounds as we believe in the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, we recognize the Trinity as three brothers that become one once we hit the stage. Our ability to lock into each other’s energy, chemistry, and humility for the God given talent that we have is unlike any other unit around. Music is so much more to us.” – T
Where are you from originally?
“We are all from Buffalo, New York. Born and Raised.” – T
What’s it like to perform in front of a crowd?
“Humbling. Astonishing. Addictive.” – T
What favorite musicians do you admire?  
“I’ve always admired Chick Corea, George Duke, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and Herbie Hancock, Alex Bugnon. There are so many musicians locally who I admire as well, but these four have been heavy influences to my style today.” – Rod

Are you schooled in music?
“Yes, I just graduated 4 weeks ago from Berklee College of Music studying Music Business with a management track.” – Rod
What’s your day job?
“I’m a family man first. So during the day I spend time with them. Then music comes after.” – DP
Do you play covers and/or originals?
“We play a combination of both. We all are composers who have written a ton of music and when we come together to write, it’s incredible. We also cover a bunch of tunes from a huge span of genres, from James Brown, to the Beatles, to Grover, to Jay Z.  We cater to our audience.” – T
If you could play for one famous person who would it be?
“Black Eyed Peas. Hands down, I love pop and they are one of my favorite pop groups. Real “synthetic” with their sounds, it would be a lot to emulate and create, giving me a fun challenge.” – Rod
“I would have to say Chris Brown. I love his music and he has the best of both worlds from my favorite genres, R&B and Pop.” – DP
What are your strengths? 
“We’ve played so much that we know what we are going to do before any of us do it. We’ve been blessed to have some undeniable chemistry that only brothers that love each other and are passionate about their craft, can obtain. That flows over into our playing and that’s why were always able to put on a stellar performance each time we play together.” – T
What are your weaknesses?
“We are perfectionists. There is nothing that we feel is musically out of our reach and we will practice until we get what we are playing RIGHT. We are very hard on ourselves individually and collectively because we see the potential that each of us possesses so we push each other to the max, and then some.  That’s how it should be, you’re only as good as your weakest link.” – T
When is your next live gig in the city?
“Tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 26, 2013) at The Pan American Grill and Brewery inside The Hotel Lafayette. From 7pm-10pm for the Jazz, Rhythm and Blue series.” – T


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