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Compost Buffalo

While at The Peddler flea market on Elmwood last Saturday I ran into the compost team from Farmer Pirates, Mike and Terra. I couldn’t help but notice that Terra was wearing a Farmer Pirates t-shirt and complimented her on her fashion statement choice. Terra told me that they were on a mission to spread the good word of the organization’s composting program. I was surprised to hear that they were offering composting for residences as well as commercial entities – there has been interest from a number of businesses such as Wegmans, Merge and Nardin High School. The more that I learned about the service, the more that I was intrigued with the operation. I asked them to send me some info and details about how to get started, and they passed along the following:
Mike and Terra will deliver an “official” compost bucket to your doorstep. It will include your “What to Compost” list, your very own Farmer Pirates sticker, and the Compost Service agreement. While not absolutely necessary that you be home for this, we really look forward to meeting you in person and to answering any questions you might have. After that we will be returning every other Friday morning to collect your bucket of food scraps.You certainly DO NOT need to be home for the pick-up. All you have to do is simply leave your bucket out wherever is most convenient for you and we will take care of the rest. In place of the full bucket you will find an clean empty one waiting for you. Customers that request to have compost to use will have the option of doing so during the course of the year. The rest of the compost goes toward a central composting center that will be available to a number of farms. Once excess compost is stored, some will be available to the community for sale, with discounts offered to program members. Here’s how it all works…
To make sure we make a stop at your home we ask two things of you:
1. Let us know where you plan on leaving your bucket in the future. On the front or back porch is a great place. Don’t have a porch? No problem! Anywhere convenient for you is fine, although I would not recommend putting it out at the curb. Of course also make sure that it is somewhere that we have easy access to.
2. Please send your annual payment of $100 to 
Terra Dumas
124 Coit St
Buffalo,NY 14206
make checks payable to: Farmer Pirates (website)

For additional information you can email Common Roots Urban Farm 

We are asking that all members sign up for a full year and pay in advance. If for any reason you cannot do this, please contact us an we will try to make other arrangements with you. You will receive a receipt for all payments made.
Once we receive your payment you will be an official Compost Crew Member!!! Hurray!
The Farmer Pirates Residential Compost Pick-up Service is a totally new concept for Buffalo, but is already being done in cities all over the country. We have done research on what these other folks are doing, but essentially this is a pilot program for us.This means that as we grow we will be evaluating what works great and what could be improved. Please know that as the first members of the program your comments, input, and feedback will be always welcomed and appreciated. 

Written by Sarah Maurer

Sarah Maurer

I moved to Buffalo to attend Canisius College in 2007 and began writing for Buffalo Rising as a journalism intern in 2010. Working with Newell and meeting numerous entrepreneurs, activists and everyday folks who were working to make their city better made a huge impact on my decision to stay here. After witnessing all the positive development and grassroots initiatives happening in neighborhoods throughout the city, I was inspired to pursue a term of service in AmeriCorps and a career in Buffalo's non-profit sector. I currently work in the housing department at the Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY and am excited to be a part of their ongoing efforts to revitalize the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood. I also volunteer as the project coordinator for Artfarms Buffalo. I continue to write for Buffalo Rising because I love having the opportunity to stay connected to those working toward positive changes for the Queen City.

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