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“Pizza pizza!”

Little Caesars is opening its first location in the city, near the corner of Delaware and Hertel, a couple of doors down from Fleet Feet running shoes in the same plaza as Kohl’s. I’ve never eaten at the chain before, mainly because I don’t recall ever living near one. The only thing I know about Little Caesars is what I have gleaned from their ads on TV. “Pizza pizza!”. 

I decided to ask some of my Facebook friends what they thought of the pizza. It didn’t take long for the comments to start piling up… in a matter of minutes a handful of people chimed in, and this is what they had to say…
Nic S. whaaaat? I haven’t eaten this since 1993.
J S it’s a chain, how good can it be
Christi B I grew up in Cleveland and as a kid ate from there a lot. But it’s been so long I feel my opinion expired.
T M if you like cardboard that smells like, well wet cardboard then go for it
F A schlock
Kate S Not a fan at all
P D pizza for people who don’t like pizza
Josh U I remember the crazy crust being pretty rad. As a child, i definitely dug Little Caesars.
Martha M Its a chain, need I say more. They are brave opening up in pizza town USA..
Frank C Terrible! We have too many locally owned pizzarias in the city that serve a quality pizza to settle for the garbage served up by Little Ceasars! Another thought I have is how the city has made it so difficult for food trucks(again locally owned small buisness) to operate in the city, yet welcome a national chain that is all about fast and cheap with no quality! All the local restaraunts that had issues with food trucks should equally protest Little Ceaser!
Bruce M Tried it once….thumbs-down.
Chris W Wet pizza flavoured cardboard with artificial cheese and greasy mystery meat…mmmmm mmmm good
Keith S Good pie for $5
Mark S Spaghetti cat seal of disapproval
Jon H Buffalo is far from Pizza Town USA, so they should do well.
Nick K Price is cheap, so is the taste.
William H NO! Fast & Cheap should never enter into it. Buffalo has plenty good/great pizza & food in general. And some of the Best of I find, is reasonably priced, of good quality, and made/delivered in a timely fashion. This is “Better than nuthin’ food” and should be seen as such…
Laura K Buffalo has by far some of the best pizza in the country but Dominos seems to do a business here as well. Probably does well with the college kids.
Chris F Don’t knock it for being a chain. Sure it’s got that against it, and yes the quality isn’t the best. But if you are trying to feed some kids and on a budget or a bunch of your drunk friends, I don’t know where else i can get so much pizza for so cheap.
Rita K we have them all over Houston – it’s really more like cheese bread than pizza – but is is fast and very cheap
Mia V I’ve had that pizza four times in fourteen years. Need I say more? By saying “gross” is being too kind!
Chris W It is cheap and fast you can walk in and leave with a stack of pies….quality wise I’d say you get what you pay for
Patty B not a fan, but my college kids love it. $5 pizza, no waiting. There is one on harlem if you want to check it out
Beth K Please do your article on a local pizzeria or two,there are some terrific ones here that fully deserve your thoughtful commentary and subsequent increase in business! Anyone can sell cheap,poor quality grease for a dime,we have plenty of those chains about…
Michael C Shite
Mary W Gross!
Mark P Pizza pizza! Two for one $5 large @ the one in Kmart. That crap was the best thing about my 4 years working in Amherst back in the day. 
Vic C  Chain food. Chain quality. Mediocrity and processed frozen ingredients can’t match the best local pizzerias. Don’t waste the ink!
Martha M @Laura K yes Domino’s is appealing to NYC and Long Island kids that’s why they are surviving. @Jon H, there is a pizza place for every taste in Buffalo; I just don’t think this chain will do well here.
Mark N like a bad frozen pizza only they cook it for you and you have to go pick it up. All of Buffalo has great pizza. Absolutely no reason for any chain to try to sell here. For that reason I will never ever again order chicken wings or pizza while traveling.
Stan J Crap. That’s why its $5… They used to be everywhere now only one in NT and walmarts?
Darren M Buffalo is moving in a local farm local food direction. Food grown here then bought here=money stays here. Chains not doing so, send $ out of here. No to L.C.
Jim C It’s remarkably… forgettable. Only worth writing about to point out what great local pizzerias we have and how this place pales in comparison.
R T It is cheap, quick and the servers tend to be Teens/ young adults so it has a youthful appeal. Wish there was more space to sit or stand if you have to wait for the pizza. But guess their point is their speed so they want to get people in and out quickly. The food is still ok after being in the fridge one or two days. Tends to be way less greasy than Pizza Hut for example.
Jen M Their pizza is pretty bad. But, my son loves it. It’s a great place to grab a pizza for a night when we have a sitter coming and need something quick. Nice that they are just ready to go and you don’t have to order. Convenient kid food.
G F It can’t touch La Nova or Mister Pizza!
Jay A You can cover up the pizza-like substance with the garlic butter dip.
D F I’m sorry…Let me clear my throat. You wouldn’t got to applebees with me (yes I saw the error of my ways) and now you want to write a review about little ceasers pizza? Well hell lets go to TGI Fridays…drinks on you. Just Pizza should be the Standard, the 3 cheese steak pizza, so bad for you…but damn so good!
Jon H La Nova and Mister Pizza ! Is this the standard in Buffalo???
Anne K Crazy…..Bread……..and ….Stuffed Crazy Bread with Mozzarella cheese….!!!!!!!! Fast Fix for the junk food junkies….It’s cheap and fast…..
Kevin F I have lived all over the east coast and in California for a spell, Buffalo’s home grown pizza is really good compared to others. Little Caesar’s was the only pizza I would order in DC because, the pizza down there seriously sucked. This being said, the statements of Little Caesar’s being the equivalent of cardboard with flavor is spot on. I wouldn’t feed it to [deleted], etc. It could be considered cruel and unusual punishment in most 1st world countries.
N G They have one hell of a hockey program!
Steven R Cheap
Colleen S Quick, inexpensive and not bad for a $5 pizza. For a busy family with kids in sports and need a fast dinner, it’s a no brainier. Convenient in that aspect!
Chris W You can buy a frozen pizza and get the same experience…
M L Not high quality in their food. Pretty much the McDonald’s of pizza.

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