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Give Away Day!

Our Church is about to undergo a major renovation (see here) and we have over 60 years of accumulated stuff. So on April 6, from 9am to 1pm, we’ll have our doors open, and we will give away our stuff.  (Non-profit organizations can come by on the 5th, between 8am and 1pm, or at 8am on Saturday.)
This is not a garage sale, because nothing will have a price tag. We’re not going to “stage” items.  We’re just going to open up the doors.  Think of it as a treasure hunt. There is a lot of junk in our church, but one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. You find it, you haul it, you keep it. No returns, no guarantees, no layaway. Everything must go. Almost everything, at least. We’ll lock up the stuff we want to keep. Everything else? Have at it!
What’s here?
+Shelves (So many shelves)
+Tables (lots and lots)
+Art and craft supplies
+2 Couches (ugly but comfy)
+A big “castle loft” that was used by our nursery school
+lots of scrap wood, including many large pieces.
+Plates, cups and other kitchen items
+Wooden and metal Cabinets

Do we want money in return for this awesome stuff? We certainly would appreciate it if you gave us some. You are more than welcome to make a donation.  However, we don’t feel like pricing all this stuff, and we certainly don’t want to have to haul it away ourselves. Give if you can, but please, please, please–take.

April 5 and the first hour of April 6 are for CHURCH MEMBERS/ATTENDERS and NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS ONLY. If we don’t know you, or you can’t prove that you are from a non-profit org, we won’t let you in. 
If you really want something in particular, you can make a cash offer for any of the stuff in our Craigslist ad, and if the cash offer is accepted, come and pick it up prior to Friday. Make your best offer, because we’re not going to waste time with back and forth negotiations. You’ll either get an email back scheduling a pick up time, or you will get no email back at all, which means “see you Friday or Saturday.”
Help us keep some good stuff out of the landfill.
No phone calls, please.
Lafayette Presbyterian Church
875 Elmwood Ave  
Buffalo, NY 14222
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