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Docents for Blessed Trinity

The loss of some of our regions great architecture is certainly fresh on our minds. Whether you are on the north, south, east or westsides of our community, demolition of our history has been in full swing. 
In light of these, gloomy events, we should take a second to think about what can be done to prevent future architectural tragedies from happening. 
While calls for action are strongest when a chain link fence and bulldozer arrive on site, often the more important moments in the longevity of a building’s life are the small ones. They happen long before the picket signs and often without much fanfare. They are times that can help to spread the word and instill new life into old buildings or communities. 
Now is one such a moment for Blessed Trinity. 

We all know that Blessed Trinity is an extraordinary re-creation of Lombard-Romanesque architecture, built between 1923 and 1928 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Surely the fact that it was the first building to be designated as a Buffalo City Landmark is on your list of Buffalo factoids, but did you know there are tours? We are currently looking for individuals willing to offer a few hours of their time to be docents and assist with these tours, particularly the upcoming Sacred Sites Open House in May. 
Blessed Trinity is always looking for ways to promote our city’s architectural legacy. It was one of the founding members of The Buffalo Alliance for Sacred Places, which formed shortly after the National Trust’s visit. We hope that through these and other ventures, we can continue to promote Buffalo as a cultural tourism destination. But it does take bodies to welcome and guide visitors through such a detail rich church to properly show off its craftsmanship. 
Our goal is always to enrich the experience of visitors and the memories they take home. We do so in hopes it will create an enthusiasm to support sometimes overlooked buildings and communities. Often churches are only looked at as a place for bingo or worship, but they often serve as much broader role in their communities. 
Maybe more on that another time, but for now, please consider this opportunity to both enrich your own architectural knowledge and to help guide and deepen the experience of others. 
Last year visitors came from Toronto, Pennsylvania and Michigan so you will not only be a docent for Blessed Trinity but of Buffalo. 
The first of two volunteer training sessions will take place on Saturday afternoon, April 13, beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the parish hall, located behind the church, at 317 Leroy Avenue and concluding by 4 p.m. with a walking tour of the church. The date and time of the follow-up session will be scheduled to accommodate participants. You may register for the session by calling the church office at 716-833-0301 or send us a note on our contact page. Please specify “Docent” as the Subject of your message. 
To learn more about the church’s outstanding architectural features ahead of time check out the architecture section. 
Blessed Trinity Church | 307 Leroy Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14214 | 716-833-0301 | | Find us on Facebook.
Images by Knight Studio
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