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Buffalo in the news…

Torontonian and BRO reader Lorne Opler has come across a couple of articles of interest (per usual) that he feels are noteworthy, in that they help to tell the Buffalo story to others who might not be aware of the city’s changing landscape (whether it be a mention or a full story). 
Atlantic Cities online did a piece on a new magazine coming out in April called Modern Farmer,” Lorne wrote. “The writer interviewed the founder of the magazine – here’s the piece. Important to Buffalo, because one of the questions asked to the founder has a Buffalo connection:
Reporter: Any city-specific stories and issues that you’re tackling that you want to tell us about? 

Magazine founder:  We have a fantastic story about how the middle class of Shanghai is turning to small-scale organic farming after a series of food scares has made many in the city doubt the industrial food system in China. We also look at rooftop farming in Boston, the rise of art farms on brownfield developments in Buffalo, N.Y., and seaweed farming happening right of the coast of Long Island. Once you start looking, it’s amazing how much food production is happening in or very near the world’s major urban areas.
“Next up, there is an urban blog in Hamilton called Raise the Hammer, you may have heard of it. I wrote for it a few years back. They have a piece on Buffalo’s light rail and the lessons that Hamilton can learn from Buffalo’s experience (see here).”
In short, we have learned and are already applying the lessons from Buffalo in what mistakes to avoid. In the next few years, we may also have an opportunity to apply lessons from Buffalo in how to correct those mistakes. – Raise the Hammer

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