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Art Buff: Melissa Linton

Where are you from originally? 
I am from Hinsdale NY a small town in the Southern Tier
What is your medium? 
I crochet, so fiber arts I prefer cotton yarn or thread.
How has Buffalo influenced your work? 
I don’t think that Buffalo has necessarily inspired my work in terms of what I do but I defiantly follow the seasons, more hats, gloves and slippers in the fall and winter and more household and toys items in the summer months.
Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
My customers. Most of the items in my shop are because someone said “hey I like this can you do this?” Or they post a picture on my FB page with is this something you can make?


Name an artist (or more) that most inspires you? 
I truly love a pattern designers work out of Colorado. While I don’t design patterns yet I love her work and aspire to be like her. She does this for a living and its something that I would love to do. Her name is Liz McQueen of PlayinHookyDesigns.
What is your preferred subject matter? 
I prefer to make baby items. I love hats and booties, but I have started to get into rattles, and other non clothing items. I love making baskets for the home too.
How do you feel you can best advance to the next level, or are you most happy where you are now? 
I am content right now but eventually would love to crochet all day long and get paid for it. I think that I will have to start writing my own patterns which I have done some of, but it is very time consuming to write patterns and have others be willing to test them. All in good time.
What is another medium that you would like to learn? Or that you have already learned? 
My husband bought me a camera for Christmas to take pictures of my items that look a little more professional. I’m still learning how to work it so that my pictures turn out the best they can.
Is there a purpose to your artwork? 
Functionality. I want people to be able to wear my items or use my items in their homes for a long time.
How often do you work on your art? 
It’s a bad day if I haven’t crocheted. I always have my hooks and yarn with me and I crochet at the repair shop, doctors office, restaurants. I’ve handed out more business cards eating lunch out than I can count.
What or who first prompted you to venture into the art world? 
My aunts taught me how to crochet when I was 12 and I did it until I went off to college and just happened to get back into in my early 20’s and have been going off and on since then. But really started doing it full time about a year ago.
Have you been schooled in art? Are you planning on attending art school? If so, where? 
I have not went to school for art. I actually hated art in school. I went to college for criminal justice at Buffalo State. I saw that Buff State has a fiber and textile program and there is a little thought in the back of my head….
Where is your favorite venue in Buffalo to exhibit?  
Gallery 464 has been the only place that my work has been. I am grateful and still shocked that Marcus considered my little hobby art.


Where did you learn your craft? 
My aunts taught me they were always making hats, blankets, Barbie clothes, etc. I picked it up when I was 12.
What are your strengths? 
I feel that I am passionate about my work and I love to teach it. I try to bring a little smile to people’s faces when they get one of my items.  
What are your weaknesses? 
I think at times my desire to bring that smile gets the best of me and I’ll bend over backwards to make sure that someone is happy even if it means that I lose out in the end.
Name one person that you would like to sell a work of art to? 
I think it would be cool if a big name designer or celebrity bought an item. I became super excited when Deborah Norville started following me on Twitter and started a conversation.
What’s the best thing about being an artist? 
The freedom to design and create an item the way I see it in my head.
What’s the worst thing about being an artist? 
When someone doesn’t see the same vision of the item you just created. 
@thecottonroad on twitter and on Instagram  
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If you are a local artist that has a current or upcoming show in the city, and are interested in being featured on Art Buff, please feel free to send an email request here.

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