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Art Buff: Angela Wisniewski

Where are you from originally?
Buffalo, NY.
How has Buffalo influenced your work?
Buffalo has two popular art museums, the Albright Knox Art Gallery and right across it is the Burchfield-Penny Art Center. So I feel pretty spoiled. I’m very impressed when I see artists make such detailed and realistic works online. But when I first saw Charles Burchfield’s abstract water color paintings in person, I felt so much. Both galleries are amazing, full of modern and abstract art locally and internationally. Having them here is an amazing benefit for the community. They are also reminders to me that art is much more than just realism. That makes me feel better because realism (so far) is not one of my strengths.
What are your strengths?
I’m often told my color work, texture, and line work pop out. That those things are my signature. So lets run with that!
What is your medium?
Acrylic paint, pencils, and pens with cardboard, paper, and canvas. I used to use the inside of pizza and cereal boxes because I couldn’t afford other supplies. And it gave a nice grainy look. While going to school I felt like I was the weird girl carrying bags of old cardboard around.


What is another medium that you would like to learn? Or that you have already learned?
Oil paint! I’ve tried them once a long time ago. I become impatient even while using acrylics which is horrible, so I’m slowing going back to it. I also want to learn to knit and sew better. It all takes patience.
Have you been schooled in art? Are you planning on attending art school? If so, where?
People laugh when I tell them I majored in everything at least once during my many years of college. I’m not kidding though. I have the documents! I’m a real multipotentialite and struggled to decide on just one thing to do for the rest of my life. I now know it’s ok, because we’re all three-dimensional beings. We all have many interests and strengths and it’s important for us to do what we love, not just what we think we should do. Usually our hearts lead us to something we need in our lives. Right now I plan to go back to school within the next year or so. I’d like to learn more about graphic design, illustration, film, and animation. I could never shake my interest in those things while looking into scientific fields. I haven’t decided where to attend school yet.
How do you feel you can best advance to the next level, or are you most happy where you are now?
Over the past couple years I’ve grown a lot as an artist. I can feel it and see it in the progress of my art and my attitude about it. It’s not just a hobby anymore. I’ve learned a lot by showing my work around WNY, researching what’s out there, connecting with other artists in person and online, and by practicing the mediums I use. I’ve also learned that there is a wider range of careers and jobs with art than my family and I used to perceive. A lot of people can thrive if they try hard enough. I really believe more education in the arts will help me go farther with a creative career. It makes me feel weird since I’m 26 and plan to go back to school for it again, after already having 2 other non related degrees. Also it’s difficult with money being tight. But I know art needs to be in my life. I’m going to do it somehow.
What or who first prompted you to venture into the art world?
As weird as it seems I want to say it was a mix of artists and the internet. I always loved art but didn’t always feel the need to make it or research it. I was more focused on the performing arts while growing up because I performed since I was four. However, I saw Stephanie Pui-Law’s artwork on a fantasy art website called Epilogue during my senior year in high school and I fell in love with it. I researched more traditional art since then, usually through the internet with websites like Deviant Art. Now there’s Facebook, BlueCanvas, even YouTube where you can view artwork and watch people’s creative process for free. Artists are given easier ways of connecting and sharing with their fans and I absorb all of it like a sponge!
Name another artist (or more) that inspires you?
I’m definitely inspired by many artists. Older artists that stick out to me would be Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. They remind me to feel my art and put everything in it that’s personal. Current artists I love are usually in the surreal, strange, bizarre, sometimes dark, fantasy category. I’m fond of them because I love art as an escape. I’ve always been a big fan of Tim Burton. I also love Brian Froud, Josephine Wall, Aaron Jasinski, Christiane Vleugels, Annie Stegg, Troy Brooks, Michael Hussar, Virginie Ropars, Sarah Joncas, Soey Milk, Elizabeth Caffey, Bobbie Chui (who’s also a great teacher and motivator for other inspiring artists), Danny Malboeuf, Michael Shapcott, Seth Fitts… many more. I liked Amy Brown as long as I’ve liked Stephanie Pui-Law, probably about ten years. I’ve talked to both of them online before and they are amazingly kind people. It makes me sad sometimes how many artists there are out there in this world that I probably won’t meet or see all their work. But I try anyway. I want to see it all.
Where is your favorite venue in Buffalo to exhibit?
464 Gallery is definitely my favorite place to show work, that’s why I became a member. It was the first gallery where I’ve shown my artwork and I plan to show more work there in the future. The gallery itself is beautiful, the people running it are super professional, and the communication between the owner and the artists is awesome. It means a lot when you’ve worked with other galleries and they didn’t have all 3 of those qualities.
You can find my work at these sites:
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If you are a local artist that has a current or upcoming show in the city, and are interested in being featured on Art Buff, please feel free to send an email request here.

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