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Healing your way into 2013

By GirlFriday:
This powerful set of workshops could not be coming at a more perfect time of the year!  I think its safe to say that most of us are looking to 2013 with a renewed sense of optimism, health, and renewal.  California-based healer, Dr. Hesu Whitten, is currently visiting Buffalo, offering personal healing sessions as well as two remarkable workshops focusing on extremely effective healing techniques and methods.  Ashker’s Juice Bar and Cafe will be hosting module 2 of this ground-breaking series, on January 6th, 2013.
Dr. Whitten is a chiropractor and one of a handful of master clinical kinesiologists in the world (the art of muscle testing). He has studied, practiced and redefined this technique over the last twenty years to create an even more powerful method of muscle testing that is also easy to teach.  This life changing technique, The Whitten Method, is the basis for these workshops, which guides participants to apply these methods in a relatively short period of time.  They are designed to give you the tools to diagnose and heal yourself. 
This method is a more comprehensive version of Clinical Kinesiology, though it is much easier to teach and apply. Whether it’s trauma that’s been consciously/subconsciously affecting you, chemical/hormonal imbalances, or structural ailments, you will learn how to effectively address and treat these issues.  Dr. Whitten has created this extensive healing system to show us how to really heal all that ails us, emotionally and physically.  His last workshop taught over the Thanksgiving weekend was so successful that the participants have developed a study group, that meets each month. 
Patients who have been treated by Dr. Whitten have been amazed with the resulting physical freedom, and sense of peace that they often feel after just one session.  And what a better way to kick off this new year, than either experiencing a powerful healing session or gaining the tools to really empower one’s self to overcome the challenges that can all too easily hold us back.  I believe there are not many better ways one can commit to a year of true internal prosperity and tangible exhilaration, than attending one of these workshops or experiencing a session with Dr. Whitten! 
Below is an overview of the two modules being offered (though Module 1 must be attended before Module 2 so that the basics of muscle testing can be achieved): 
Module 1 (Amherst location – call for details)
January 5, 2013 – 9:30am-4:30pm
~Pain and physical aliments
~Basics of muscle testing
~Practical applications
~Correct Posture
~Custom-create your own diet for your specific body
~Custom-create your own exercise program for specific body
Module 2 (Ashker’s – City location)
January 6, 2013 – 9:30am-4:30pm
~Organ imbalances and Remedies
~Infections (bacteria, virus, yeast, parasites)
~Food and airborne allergies
~Hormonal Imbalances
~Body Hydration Levels
~Ideal Vitamin Supplements for your specific body
Module 1: $150
Module 1 + 2 together: $250
Pre-Registration Required
This is a one (two if both modules) day workshop that provides both lecture and hands on learning techniques, so participants should dress in comfortable clothing bring a notebook and pen. A bagged lunch will be ideal on Saturday (Amherst, NY location) and the Sunday venue, Ashker’s Juice Bar and Cafe, offers reasonable lunches on site. All other materials are included in cost.
Contact Catherine Miller for questions, further information, or to register at 310.491.4777. Dr. Whitten’s office is: 805-637-5650.

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