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Scharf’s Schiller Park Restaurant Going Strong

Schiller Park restaurant
is currently enjoying a renewed appreciation by
new and former customers. The owners announced that they might have to close
and/or relocate due to dwindling customer base in July. Shortly after that
announcement people began to flock to the restaurant to support it in the time
of need and they haven’t stopped. I’ve been to Scharf’s about six times since
the closing was announced and almost every time the place has been filled with
people enjoying the authentic German offerings.

The building has had a long and interesting life; the
portion that the bar occupies was originally built as a small chapel. Later it
was expanded and converted to a bar. During Prohibition it served as a popular
speakeasy and it has been Scharf’s Schiller Park restaurant since 1967.

Schiller Park has lost most of the German institutions that
were once prominent in the neighborhood like the Deutsches Haus on Genesee
Street, which closed over fifteen years ago.

The atmosphere at Scharf’s is unlike that of any other
restaurant in the City of Buffalo. Many old time customers can be found at the
bar enjoying German beers while speaking in their native language. Their oldest customer just celebrated his 103rd birthday at the restaurant and has been going to Scharf’s for as long as anyone can remember. The location
is quite unique as well.  The
restaurant is located at the end of residential street and next to a park. Neighbors
are welcoming and those who have been to the restaurant always have something
positive to say.

For those who have yet to enjoy the many great dishes at
Scharf’s I recommend starting with one of the fine beers on tap, ordering
potato pancakes for an appetizer, the wiener schnitzel for the entrée and then
finish off with the apple strudel. Trust me, you’ll go home full and satisfied
every time. It’s the perfect time to go if you’re doing your last minute
holiday shopping at the Walden Galleria and want something much better than the food court offerings, it’s less than 10
minutes away.

Scharf’s Hours:

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday & Thursday: 11am to 8pm

Friday: 11am to 9pm

Saturday: 4pm to 9pm

Sunday: 4pm to 8pm

For additional photos of the Schiller Park Neighborhood, check out my Flickr page by clicking here.

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