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Come gather at the Front Stoop in the Old First Ward tonight

In Brooklyn, there is a tradition of gathering around the Front Stoop to visit with family, friends, and neighbors to share thoughts and gossip about the neighborhood.   The front stoop is the place that after a long day everyone meets to discuss the current topics.  Tonight the Old First Ward Neighborhood will gather at the Front Stoop with the guys from HD Systems* to discuss ideas for a new park in their community, and everyone is invited to attend.
The Old First Ward is a proud residential community that includes tree-lined streets, the Buffalo River, waterfront access, and Silo City.  It’s a short bike ride to perhaps Buffalo’s best assets, the Inner and Outer Harbors.  Historically this little community was the backbone of Buffalo; they were the people that kept the grain silos working. From the culture of Silo City, to new development, the First Ward is now defining it’s own path.  Which is why tonight they are hosting the Front Stoop community design meeting – to design Republic Street Park. 
The concept of the Front Stoop is simple – participate and play. Everyone that attends a front stoop has a voice, and if you choose to participate tonight you will have a say in what becomes of the old CSX tracks along Republic Street. For years the abandoned rail lines have disconnected neighbors, and prevented active play.  Laura Kelley of the Old First Ward Community Association engaged HD Systems to help generate some concepts for the space.  They agreed on the condition that they work directly with the people living in the ward.  It is a community design process that builds consensus through listening, sharing, and actively participating.   Design is a currency best spent on ideas, and what better way to build a community than sharing that capital.
So if you haven’t recently, take a ride down to the Old 1st Ward tonight and you’ll see a wonderful holiday light display.
HD Systems brought us the Ohio Street conversation back in October (see here). Also see (for more on First Ward project)
Old First Ward Community Center
62 Republic Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
Date and Time:
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Free and Open to the Public
All interested in the city are invited to attend

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