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Alex Kelly returns to her “hometown” with an ultra modern electro-rock sound

By GirlFriday:
Singer songwriter Alex Kelly has graced the Nietzsche’s stage a number of times, delivering fiery, sultry, and undeniable sexy performances to a “hometown” crowd, even though she’s not from Buffalo. What I mean to say is that Buffalo has come to call Alex one of her own, thanks to her past dedication and current commitment to the local music scene. Alex, who is originally from Queens, NY, came to Buffalo to attend Buffalo State College. After she graduated she ended up sticking around, helping to promote and partake in the revered music scene. 
I met up with Alex recently, to discuss her recent exploits in The Big Apple and how her new sound and her new label have allowed her to mature as a performer. Anyone who is familiar with Alex’s recent successes, knows that she has been working towards elevating her career as of late (see background).  To that end, Alex is finally experiencing much deserved recognition after teaming up with a producer that is allowing her to flex her creative muscles. Now Alex is ready to come back for a visit, to a place that she says that she has come to see in an entirely different light. “Being away from Buffalo makes me appreciate all of the things that I sometimes took for granted. I see Buffalo as a place of opportunities. Yes, there are great opportunities in NYC to promote a career, but when it comes down to making a mark in the community, Buffalo is where I would like to do that some day.” Alex’s dream is to eventually give back to the city that has helped to nurture her as a singer-songwiter – her hope is to one day establish her own music business in Buffalo, so that she can help to promote others, much in the same way others helped her along the way.  
With her unabashed, vivacious energy. Alex is ready to share all of the experiences and emotions with the city that knows her and her music best…
This Thursday Alex will be stopping into her beloved “hometown” to play a much anticipated show at Nietzsche’s in Allentown. This past summer, after years of developing, polishing, enhancing and refining her signature sound, it has all coalesced with Alex releasing her first full-length album, “Orange Circle”. In order to do so, she has “formed an ultra modern electro-rock trio,” which, for live shows, is enhanced by the experience of guitarist Kelsey Warren and drummer Bill Wurts to the line-up.  Collaborating “with pILLOW tHEORY front man Kelsey Warren and GCR Audio engineer Justin Rose, we’ve created a sassy dance-rock album that is ready-made for the 21st Century!,” declares Kelly. 

Alex is currently in the middle of her eight city tour of the East Coast. For many it will be the first taste of “Orange Circle” live and in person.  Thursday will be a night for much celebration as Alex delivers (as always) a raw prowess only matched by her remarkable, undeniable talent.
Above, is Alex Kelly’s most recent music video, “Catalyst,” and a taste of what we’re all in for this Thursday, December 13th @ 9pm. Tickets are $5.
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