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Sensorial Collaboration @ Turnstyle Designs

I’m a big fan of off the beaten path businesses. I was so happy to hear that Lexington Avenue had attracted yet another boutique into its diverse community of enterprising destinations, this one called Turnstyle Designs. Owner Stephanie Robb has done a bang up job transforming a wonderful old corner house into a vibrant and welcoming storefront, filled with all sorts of hard to find treasures including vegan leather handbags, custom jewelry and a wide variety of designer scarves and hats. “Keeping with my initial vision of Turnstyle,” Stephanie expressed to me. “This corner has come alive with sensorial collaboration in a thriving community. The response has has been overwhelming and beyond our wildest dreams!”

If you’re not up to speed with the formation of Turnstyle Designs, you may want to read this. If you’re already familiar with Stephanie and her passion for local artisans, forward thinking design, and inspirational crafts, then you are aware of her ability to take her dreams and make them reality. Stephanie was (and still is) a driving force behind Wild Things, and she and I were co-collaborators during the formation of the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. It’s the ‘Stephanies’ of the world that are able to single-handedly affect change in cities such as Buffalo – exerting creative will power in order to accomplish a multitude of inspiring endeavors. 
As for Stephanie’s latest endeavor, the stylish boutique is off to a great start. “We’re rockin’ out on our collection of hats, scarves, handbags and clothing, already had to re-order most of our offering,” Stephanie told me. “We are thrilled to offer custom jewels, and having Wild Things just a stone’s throw away is just perfect for our customers. Also, we have master blender Frann LaRocca of Sentir Aromatherapy on our full time staff, with a complete blending bar. Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art married to 21st century science. Essential oils are nature’s healing elixirs extracted from different parts of fragrant plants. Creating custom blends is the most sophisticated part of Aromatherapy. It is part information and part creation by both the client and the Aromatherapist. Keeping with my initial vision of Turnstyle, this corner has come alive with sensorial collaboration in a thriving community. The response has has been overwhelming,and beyond our wildest dreams… please come by to visit us for our Grand Opening Party on Thursday October 25th from 4-9pm.”

Turnstyle Designs – Facebook

298 Ashland Avenue

Buffalo NY 14222







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