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Bourdain’s Sidekick, Returning to Buffalo for One Night Only

Attention Anthony Bourdain fans! 
On November 5, 2012, join fellow fans, revelers, and foodies for an extravaganza hosted by Chef Mike Andrzejewski and Hotel @ The Lafayette with co-host Nelson Starr. As a part of the Industry Night (IN) series of culinary events operated by Christa Glennie Seychew and Feed Your Soul Productions, this special one-night only soiree, called INtoxicated with Zamir,  includes the airing of the final episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations!. Come watch it on the BIG SCREEN while imbibing on a Moscow-inspired specialty cocktail featuring Double Cross Vodka.  Enjoy light snacks, courtesy of Mike A @ The Lafayette.  Meet Zamir Gotta, Bourdain’s favorite Russian sidekick–coming all the way from Moscow!  And, you’ll even vote for your favorite entry in the first-ever Anthony Bourdain Look-alike Contest.  Yes, come hang with Buffalo’s “IN” crowd for the year’s coolest party… 
General admission tickets are $20 and can be purchased here:
Includes one Double Cross Vodka specialty cocktail, viewing party, and chill time with Zamir
Be a VIP 
$50 (see above link for purchase), enjoy a Double Cross specialty cocktail, exclusive seating at Mike A’s along with Chef Andrzejewski’s famous dish, Bourdain’s Last Meal (foie gras, bone marrow, and pork belly), an assortment of snacks and bar food, exclusive Double Cross Vodka swag, and get your photo taken with Zamir! 
Monday November 5th 
9pm – Midnight 
The ground floor of Hotel @ The Lafayette 
391 Washington St., Buffalo, New York 
In honor of his visit co-host of the event, Buffalo Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Nelson Starr gave his old No Reservations: Rustbelt episode pal Zamir Gotta a Skype and they chatted about the show, life, and future plans. Here’s an excerpt. 
NS: How did you get involved with the Travel Channel show, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations? 
ZG: I was a field producer and fixer for ABC News, Primetime Live, and Nightline features dealing with Russia in the 1990s.  Based on that, someone in U.S. recommended me to help Tony’s production team in Russia on his first show A Cook’s Tour, for the Food Network in early 2001.
NS: What was it like the first time you met Tony? 
ZG: I found him to be difficult, arrogant, and a lot shorter than you’d expect! No, just kidding–obviously. Contrary to his reputation as being prickly, Tony turned out to be a very easy-going, open-minded, and warm individual–quite easy to deal with actually–and very tall indeed!  
NS: What is your favorite AB:NR episode and why?
ZG: Besides the Rustbelt episode (wink, wink), my favourite episode is Kansas City, since it was more of an eye-opener to me about how Americans really live, as well as illustrating the history of prohibition in the 20s and 30s. And, I’d have to say that visiting a tailgate party explained more about Americans than just about anything I had experienced before! I hear Buffalo has some crazy tailgating too.
NS: Yes, that is true. I know firsthand of such knuckle-headed excess. It’s a beautiful thing! Tell me more about your background, where you grew up and how did you get involved with film and television?


ZG: My name is really Iazamir which means “I am for peace” or “songbird” in Hebrew. I am from Moscow but my heritage is from the Crimea, as I am a mix of Turkic and Jewish ancestry. My fluency in languages, especially English, has always helped grow my career and certainly helped me enter the world of film. I was lucky to join Russia’s biggest film-production company, Mosfilm, in 1989 as a freelance coordinator when we first started co-productions with various U.S. firms. Moving on to the world of TV (ABC News, BBC, etc.) was a very natural transition after working in the film world.
NS: What are your opinions about Buffalo and the Buffalo portion of the “Rustbelt” episode?
ZG: I loved visiting Buffalo because, in many ways, it reminded me of some Russian setting[s]. And I never experienced snowmobiling before–what fun! I fell in love with the local people ever since we had a chance to socialize at the pig roast in a very informal setting. I was very impressed by the “welcome to Buffalo” gift that you brought (a bottle of Stoli from Nelson upon arrival).  And it may have been the first time I realized that I have real fans, after the Nietzsche’s performance by your band. That was a trip! Tony was quite jealous! My plan worked!
NS: Are you excited about the Nov. 5th IN event at the Hotel Lafayette and what can people expect to see (hear and taste)?
ZG: I’m very excited to visit Buffalo again and to see people reacting live to the final episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. It’s going to be a wild night with lots of misbehavior, kooky stunts, Tony-themed food and, of course, plenty of vodka. But, ultimately, I look forward to having a blast with my Buffalo friends, and certainly making new ones along the way!
NS: Are you and I developing any new capitalist/imperialist ventures together, post-event?
ZG: I am an entertainer on a mission, the same way you are. And I know we hope to cooperate on your TV show or in a video at some point in the future, if at all possible. My hope and mission is to entertain but also enlighten people, and to show that we have more things in common than we have that separates us, Russians and Americans. That, and partying ’til dawn, semi-naked, on your election day morning! 
NS: Are there any additional plans in your future that we should know about?
ZG: Well, I am also trying to set up screenings of my documentary films and keep that passion moving forward. My latest film is about people with physical and mental disabilities. I’m always looking to find and explore new heroes or themes in my work and to collaborate with talented people and producers, especially in the U.S.

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