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BikeorBar introduces Indoor Rowing

It was back in February when BikeorBar first brought its indoor cycling studio to Elmwood Avenue (see more). Since that time, the cult-like cycling crazed business has been busy hosting classes from morning until night, keeping cycling enthusiasts busier and busier. 
Now the cycling facility has incorporated a new twist into the action. BikeorBar has taken the plunge, and is currently offering Water Rowing. “Over the past few months we have had over 5000 rides at BikeorBar,” said owner Alexandra Saia Leo. “And I was looking for something that would compliment our Group Fitness Program. I was at a Fitness Convention in Philadelphia this past spring and I saw Rowing Machines at the show. Later that evening I was out to dinner and saw a Rowing Studio and it sparked my interest.” 
As the sport of rowing continues to grow (same with cycling), it was a natural fit to move forward with the indoor rowing classes. After all, it can be very time consuming to head out on the water to work out. Plus, not everyone has access to boats and rowing clubs. The year ’round aspect of the indoor facility is also extremely beneficial (also with cycling). “Indo-Row (the brand) provides a Transformative Total Body Workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind,” Alexandra pointed out. “The classes move quickly and you don’t need to have any rowing experience. You burn calories, sculpt muscle and enjoy a fun Interval Workout in a uniquely motivating, team-oriented environment. We set you up as teams right from the beginning. The machines have a computer on them so you see your results while you row.”
Anyone who has ever rowed before can tell you about the health benefits. Rowers are some of the most in-shape people that you will ever meet. There’s a reason for this actually. The type of workout is so different from any other, and the low-impact nature of the exercise means that there are low risks when applying the techniques. “Water Rowing is low impact so you don’t have to worry about injuring your hips, knees, or your ankle joints,” Alexandra reminds people. “The classes are done to music just like the Indoor Cycling. You use 84% of your muscle mass, making it among the largest utilization of any activity. The machines have a WaterFlywheel that mimics the exact engaging dynamics as a boat gliding across the water, while providing a soothing wave-like sound. Just like rowing on the water, resistance increases as your speed and intensity increases. You choose your own pace and enjoy the power of water without getting wet.  Most people think rowing is all arms and back – it is really 60% legs, 20% core, and 20% arms. Rowing incorporates important functional, core-strengthening, posture improving movements of the leg-press, hip hinge and rowing motion. This exercise can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, most people average about 600 to 800 Calories per one hour session.”
Bike OR Bar | 904 | Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY 14222 | Facebook | 1 716.417.6602

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