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An evening at Taj Grill

It was back in December that I first wrote about the coming of Taj Grill. Yet it was only last night that I finally got an opportunity to try it. Seeing that I’m a big fan of Indian food, I was excited to eat at an entirely new Indian restaurant. Although many Indian restaurant menu’s may appear to be similar, the subtle spice variations between chefs can either make or break a visit. Fortunately, my first time visiting Taj Grill will not be my last. First off, the place looks great. Taj is a bit more upscale, and offers plenty of seating in two large rooms. My friend and I sat at a booth on the far side of the dining area and were happy to see a good number of people dining with us, many of whom were Indian (always a good sign). The tall ceilings, white walls and general open floor plan was refreshing. I immediately noticed the background Indian music – I always enjoy it when an ethnic restaurant plays music that reflects the culture of the people who are preparing the food. 

Being a pescetarian (I eat fish but not meat), I find that Indian food is plentiful in its offerings. When I asked our server if the Taj sampler was vegetarian-friendly, she happily told me that there were only a couple of pieces of meat, and that the majority of the platter was vegetarian. Score. My friend is a full-fledged carnivore, so he took care of the meat options. The entire platter was excellent, as were the two dipping sauces – one a sweet chutney and one on the spicier side (perfect for both of our palates). If you’re a fan of potato pancakes, meat patties, and batter and fried delicacies, I highly recommend the sampler. As for the main course, I loved my chana saag (spinach and garbanzo beans). It’s actually my normal go-to at any Indian restaurant and I always order it hot (not Indian hot). The consistency was perfect, without being too rich. It packed a bit of a spicy punch, but did not go overboard. My friend, who ordered his chicken dish ‘Indian hot’ paid the price and scarfed down a piece of my Tandoori Roti (bread) to take the edge off. Despite the degree of spiciness (that he asked for), he thought that the flavors were remarkable and noted that the chicken was cooked perfectly. 
Seeing that it was extremely hot outside (and has been for some time) I was psyched to try the mango milkshake, which turned out to be super sweet and refreshing – the perfect choice to go along with the spicy meal. At the end of the meal we ordered a couple of the ice cream flavors and once again I favored the mango, which was too sweet for my friend but perfect for me. After finishing the ice cream we both agreed that Taj Grill was a great addition to the Buffalo dining scene. As a matter of fact, I already have another hankering for Indian food, and while I normally get take-out, the atmosphere at Taj is calling me back for more.
If you’re a fan of Indian food, or are just looking to try something new, Taj is an excellent alternative and a welcome dining destination in the city. There is an extensive menu with something for everyone. The beer and wine license has yet to come, but they are expecting it to arrive in the mail any day. As much as I would have loved to sip an Indian beer with my food, in the end I was completely satisfied…and am currently weighing the option of heading back there again in the next couple of days.
Taj Grill (open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner) – see website for buffet info 
2290 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo NY 14216

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