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The ‘Real’ Boats are Back

The original boats are back on Gala Waters (Hoyt Lake) in Delaware Park. For the last couple years the Olmsted Conservancy operated a series of lesser quality boats than were first built by the Maritime Center. The reason was that the handcrafted boats were too much of a burden to maintain. It was unfortunate, although the interim peddle boats did get put to good use. At long last, The Conservancy was able to come together with The Maritime Center to work out a deal that would see The Maritime Center conducting the boating operations, and would therefore be able to maintain the crafts. 
Ultimately, it was Delaware North that sponsored the boats, making the rentals possible. While the boating is already underway, the official launch celebration is scheduled for June 14. In coming years there is a possibility that The Maritime Center might be able to bring even larger boats to Gala Waters – boats that would actually be able to accommodate wedding parties for small trips along the lake and stellar photo ops. Also, the promenade along the lake is perfect to set up maritime shows, just as we have seen at Canalside in the past. All in all, the newfound relationship between the Maritime Center and the Olmsted Parks should prove to be very fruitful. Just having the boats anchored in the middle of Gala Waters (as they used to be) is already a welcome sight. See below for all of the details regarding the boat operations and the rest of the Maritime Center’s scheduled classes and activities slated for June.
JUNE – Boats in the Water:
The Hoyt Lake boats are in the water and available for rental at the dock behind the Delaware Park Casino, $10 per half hour, life jackets provided, weather permitting. The BMC’s electric launch White Electra is ready to go and minor repairs are being wrapped up to our circa 1880 replica Lake Erie fishing shallop Scajaquada in preparation for their upcoming spring launch in the Commercial Slip. Launch dates are flexible depending on the availability of volunteers to complete the work.
JUNE (on-going) – Buffalo Harbor Ferry Construction:
Stop in and check on progress or join in, Tuesday evenings 5:00-8:00 pm, as John Montague and Richard Butz lead a team constructing three replicas of Buffalo’s original historic harbor ferry for use on the new canals currently under construction in Buffalo’s Inner Harbor.
JUNE (on-going) – War of 1812 Bateau Replicas:
Bateau #2, built by Erie County Workforce Development students during the summer of 2010, is getting some minor re-caulking in preparation for its second season. Construction of bateau #3 is in progress. These are 25-foot replicas of bateaux similar to those used during the War of 1812 which will be available for programs and reenactments throughout the bicentennial. Work is being done on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 4:00-8:00 pm. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome to stop in or call for more information.
JUNE 23 SAT – Ask the Expert:
Are you thinking about building a wooden boat? Have you started one and have a question? Have one that needs repair or restoration? Does your wife think you need a hobby? Does your husband think you need a hobby? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then there is a time and place to ask that question of Roger Allen, director of the Buffalo Maritime Center and an experienced boat builder. Come on in Saturday June 23 from 1:00-3:00 pm to the Buffalo Maritime Center at 90 Arthur Street in Black Rock.
JUNE (on-going) – Black Rock Facility:
Volunteer efforts continue at our new Black Rock facility and work is underway on several projects as we transform the 1913-era industrial building into a state-of-the-art maritime center. Most of the cleanup and demolition is complete, the classroom is operational and the work shop is up and running. Volunteers of all skill levels are needed. Additional help is always appreciated.    
Scajaquada Canoe Club
BMC is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Scajaquada Canoe Club.  The Scajaquada Canoe Club was formed in 2007 with the goal of advocating for increased awareness of and improved access to our local waterways, goals which align closely with those of the Maritime Center. Scajaquada Canoe Club members will be entering the BMC’s voyageur canoe in the Adirondack Canoe Classic this fall. The Adirondack Classic is an annual three-day, 90-mile canoe race from Old Forge to Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks.
Model Shop
BMC is looking for local model boat builders interested in helping to start up a model boat group and set up a model shop in our Black Rock facility at 90 Arthur Street. Anyone interested please call Roger Allen at 544-5658, or email for more information.
Shop Space Available
Do you have a wooden boat that needs repair? Are you thinking of building your own wooden canoe or kayak but lack the shop space? BMC has space available. A monthly fee includes space to work on your boat, access during regular shop hours, use of shop tools and free expert advice. Call Roger Allen at 544-5658, or email for more information.
Mentors Needed
Students from the Charter School for Applied Technologies Middle School will be building 6 boats this month.  We need mentors to help the students build their boats – no experience is necessary!  Classes will run during the week from 9:00 AM until 2:30 PM starting June 11th through the 20th.  There will be 24 students here and we need your help, skills, and love of the water to help guide these students to becoming boat builders.  Contact Emily Mawer at (716) 381-7026 or if you are interested. We appreciate any help you can offer. You do not need to commit to everyday.
Volunteer Help Needed
The Buffalo Maritime Center needs volunteers to help with on water programs.  We are partnering with Kate Mini’s educational program, Buffalo Urban Outdoor Education (BUOE), to give kids an experience on the Great Lakes with rowing, water testing, and studying the biology in the water.  We need volunteers who have experience in small boats.  The schedule of events is as follows: Training day, June 26 at 9 AM at the canal in the commercial slip.  Please attend if you can help with the programs; July 23 and 24, Tifft Camp, afternoon; July 31, Naval Sea Cadets, afternoon; August 10, School 81/Hillside, 1:30-4:00; August 13-31 (weekdays), Kids at the Helm, afternoon. Thank you for any help you can offer.
The Buffalo Maritime Center is located at 90 Arthur Street in the Black Rock section of Buffalo. Hours are 9:00-4:30 Tuesday through Saturday. Check out our web site for more information or call 881-0111.
Buffalo Maritime Center
90 Arthur Street
Buffalo, NY 14207-2046

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