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Super Saturday Artisan Sale @ The Foundry

There’s a pretty chill artisan festival brewing at The Foundry on Northampton Street Saturday, June 16 from noon to 5pm. The event is being fueled by Net+Positive – an organization that is founded upon the principle that innovations in housing, entrepreneurship and the environment are all tied together to strengthen neighborhoods and empower residents. The Foundry is the site where ReUSe Action, Rusted Grain and a number of grassroots community groups and initiatives all come together to host classes, workshops, etc. (a bit of history)
Each month (normally the second Saturday), The Foundry plays host to a sort of celebration of community building that features art, live music, woodworking, craft workshops, prepared food harvested from community gardens… there’s even a new artist-business incubator on the grounds. Megan McNally, co-founder of Net+Positive and the owner of Rusted Grain, a woodworking business specializing in reclaimed materials, said, “The Super Saturday Sale is so much more than a sale.  We’re creating a destination!  A place for community engagement.  A home for innovative action!” 
The impressive line-up is detailed below. All in all, this is a wholesome family event that attracts a number of different folks from the community who all enjoy making various types of crafts from scratch (or reused materials). It’s inspirational learning that brings all of these groups under one ‘roof’. Come out and join in on the fun. 
Saturday, June 16, noon to 5pm, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo
Food and Entertainment
Music by the Fairweather Foes
Strawberry Shortcake harvested locally from community gardens
Kids’ Tent!
Line-up of vendors
Rusted Grain : Woodworking
Crooked Pinkies, Ian MacDonald : Drawings, woodworking, blank books
Buffalo Bottle Craft, David Sheffield : Glass creations made from reclaimed materials
El Buen Amigo, Santiago Masferrer : Latin American Art and Crafts
Carrie Nader : Soaps and Lip Balm
Petrichorpaper, Danielle Myers : Books and Paper
Mariah Kegler : Homemade crafts & Silkscreen T-Shirts
POPress, Lauren Gay : Handbound books of Poetry, Fiction, Blank Notecards
Amanda Hippert : Jewelry, Fabric Arts, Paintings
Joleen Snowdon : Knit, Crochet, Sewn Creations
Leo Powell : Mini drawings/paintings
Bekah Starr : Kids’ Table
In addition to sales, there will be craft demonstrations by the following local artisans:
Dave Sheffield : Making wine bottles into wine glasses
Crooked Pinkies Art : Making decorated paper
Rusted Grain : To be determined
Because the Allentown and Allen West Art Fesivals are on the second Saturday of June, the artisan sale is switching this month to the third Saturday. The following regularly scheduled ‘Second Saturday Sale’ will take place next on July 14.
Sponsored by Net+Positive.

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