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N+P: Landscaping for Roofs

Now that Buffalo has laid claim to having some of the most impressive garden communities in the country, maybe it’s about time to concentrate some of the endearing efforts on rooftop gardening. While the idea of growing a garden on your roof might sound interesting, there is of course certain criteria required to even consider the idea – namely, you must have a flat roof. While most houses in the city have sloped roofs, there are still plenty of examples of industrial residences that could benefit from having green landscaping instead of rubber membranes. “Anyone that’s ever considered a green roof, but has been hesitant should inquire,” said Michael Gainer of ReUse Action. “This is a great class, great instructor, all skill levels welcome, and great opportunity to de-mystify green roofs and lots of tips for do-it-yourselfers…”

As for commercial businesses, there are plenty around that have sprawling flat roofs. This is when the benefits really come into play, both for the business and the environment. Other than cooling benefits, there is less rainwater runoff that ends up in our sewers, which helps to curb runoff into our waterways. There have been ongoing advancements in the world of green roof design and implementation. Now here’s a program that can get you on your way towards installing your own green roof. The class also allows anyone with ambition to learn from one of the best, in order to acquire the training and skills needed to become a local aficionado.

There’s something about the concept of a rooftop garden that is both productive and practical. While the though of heading out onto your roof to tend a garden may sound a bit fanciful, just remember that there are myriad benefits that go along with having a green rooftop, including cooling measures when the weather is hot, and depending on what you choose to grow, you may also reap the rewards of all sorts of flowers and edibles. Some of the learning components of the class include:
·      Hands-on installation of green roof on a commercial structure
·      Economic and resource benefits of green roofs
·      Integrating native/drought-resistant planting techniques
·      Incorporating reclaimed materials as growing media
·      Comprehensive introduction to green roof components
Taught by industry-professional Atom Cianfarani, Co-Author of DIY Guide to Green Roofing
Saturday July 7th – Sunday July 8th, 2012
Cost: $225. CPLA credits apply.  Limited number of scholarships available.
This is just one of the many building school programs offered at a new artisan center (298 Northampton Street) by Net+Positive Foundation. Classes promote the reuse of reclaimed materials in an environmentally sensitive manner.
Sponsored by: Net+Positive Education
For more information, registration and a complete list of classes, email: Or call: Megan, 716-912-5529 or Michael, 716-949-0900

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