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No need for rose colored glasses.

While some BRO readers might not like the way this shop’s homemade sign is pieced together, there’s a whole other level of alternate energy that goes into the facade of this Burma Family Store. It’s hard not to rubberneck when passing the corner of Hampshire Street and Lawrence Place on the city’s West Side. Situated close to the Grant-Ferry District, the Burma Family Store is full of life both inside and out. This is another example of showing off to passersby the products that are normally hidden away from view on the inside. While it would be nice to see the transom windows replaced and a fresh sign hung, I can understand that it might not be financially feasible for a refuge business owner to afford such extravagances. Hopefully someday the owner of the building realizes their value and replaces them. 

What you see from the outside is very similar to what you see on the inside. For $20 I was able to purchase my wife a nice za bawli (muslin blouse) – something that I wasn’t exactly out looking for until the colorful storefront caught my eye. When I initially started taking photos of the building, the owner came out and asked if I was with The City. I told her “no” – that I wanted to post photos of her storefront online. She then brought out her phone and proceeded to show me her own photos that she had taken of the facade. She also asked that I take another photo from the opposite side of the storefront (a different angle from the one that she saw in my photo), explaining that she preferred that vantage point… of course I obliged!

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